View Full Version : Story boarding for a Ron Paul flash animation, need ideas and feedback.

09-18-2007, 01:22 PM
I've been trying to think how to best characterize the Ron Paul revolution in an artistic format that people can understand. I've come up with an idea for a flash animation that I'd like to put together and distribute all over the web. Below is kind of a rough storyboard of how I'm envisioning the animation playing out. Please feel free to add your ideas.


Montage of documents and quotes from founding fathers fading in and out.

Fade into a shot of the liberty bell and the Philadelphia courthouse where the Declaration of independence was signed. Slowly panning into a shot of the street when the ground begins to shake.

Camera turns to the horizon and tanks begin to roll into the shot. As the tanks get closer the camera pans to the lead tank at the top of which is Bush, and surrounding tanks have other political / financial leaders visible on them.

The camera passes into inside the tanks where the inner workings are exposed and filled with politicians in hamster wheels and bankers sitting in the center barking orders.

The camera then backs out to the picture of a city filled with people, all disapearing into their houses as the tanks and an army of black tactical suit clad police swarm the streets.

Shots of people being taken away and being physically stamped on with labels like terrorist, tax evader, resisting arrest. Then taken away by the cops.

Another shot of the processing of these people and images of habeus corpus being ripped apart and people being dropped into a pit.

The camera pans back to Bush cackling like a fool atop his tank. Only to have his tank suddenly stop and him hit is face on the top of the tank, and pictures of the hamsters being thrown from their wheels.

Camera focuses on bush's face as he pulls his face up from the surface of the tank ( his face being red) and to his astonishment there is a single hand holding his tank in it's tracks.

The camera pans down to reveal the face of Ron Paul staring indigently at Bush and his army of cronies with a smile on his face.

The army of tanks and police close in on Ron Paul (viewed from an off angle behind and to the side of Dr. Paul)

I camera crew (with Faux news label on it) closes in to get the shot of this. And the camera cuts to pictures of people in their houses chained to their couches being forced to watch as pictures of Ron Paul standing up to the tank are being subtittled with things like "anarchist" / "terrorist" / "anti-patriot" are scrolling across the screen.

The people on the couches look in disbelief and finally decide to start breaking the chains that bind them to the couch. They goto their windows and open them to see the situation with their own eyes.

Again the camera fades to a picture of bush thinking of what to do with Dr. Paul, how by this point is no longer holding back the tank but instead just sanding proudly in front of the tank. The police afraid to get too close to him.

Then again the ground begins to shake, but instead of tanks rolling across the landscape, it is a mass of people. People then begin to file in behind Dr. Paul, and the expression on Bush's face begins to change to a panic. He looks around trying to figure out what to do. Chaney of course slips up beside him and begins to whisper into his ear. But by this time the crowd behind Dr. Paul has become so great that even the police begin to backup. Some of the tanks turn and run.

The conclusion to come in a little bit....