View Full Version : Doubt about Bogus POTUS Obama eligibility spreads

04-08-2009, 09:03 PM

Doubt about Obama eligibility spreads
Writer concedes 'ambiguities' weren't 'satisfactorily resolved'


'"Watergate was Nixon's 800-pound gorilla everybody talked about, who sat there until he broke the sofa," he penned. "The location of Obama's birth is an 800-pound gorilla that gets fatter every day and nobody – at least nobody in major media – likes to admit its existence. There's never been a coming-together of factors resembling this one in America's entire political history'



yes, I remember reading about the Watergate break-in when it was just a little story on page 10 or so of the paper, and watched as it mushroomed into the impeachment and then the resignation. may the same happen again if there is no proof furnished.