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Bradley in DC
09-18-2007, 09:01 AM

Ron Paul - Personal Beliefs vs Political Beliefs

By: Guest Authors
By: David Heiert

There seems to be some confusion about what Ron Paulís intentions might be in running for President. He certainly wants to become president, but think about the reasons why:

- Reduce the size of the Federal government.
- Restore American constitutional values.
- Protect personal liberty.
- Create real value in the American economic system.
- Make the Federal government work for the people not the corporations.
- Create responsibility and accountability in government

He has the vision to do this and I think every American would like to see all of this come true. I also believe that there is a tide of support beginning to swell for him. People are fed up with big government providing whatever the big corporations need. And making themselves rich in the process. (See total irresponsibility in lending by both borrowers and lenders, etc.)

We are also becoming fed up with the manipulation of our monetary system for the good of the banks and growing tax bills to feed an ever money hungry Federal spending machine that seems to have a knack for wasting as much as possible. Imperialism seems to be on the rise, especially in this administration and Americans grow tired of policing the world at their cost in both lives and dollars.

We want to be free to decide for ourselves what we think is right. That is what our Republic is all about. Free states that are supported by the Federal government; not ruled by it.

And yes, Dr. Paul is against abortion, a devout Christian and many other things that we all (including me) do not agree with all of the time. But his passion for personal freedom and emancipation from Federal rule that we all live under give us protection from a President that would try to force anything like this upon us. The society we live in now does not protect us from this at all; it facilitates this kind of oppressive rule.

Ron Paul can begin the end of all that we would like to see go. Just give him a chance; listen to what he says and believe that America is ready for this. We all want to be free and we all can be!. We just need to start somewhere and Ron Paul has helped us find that starting line.