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03-25-2009, 02:12 PM
Debra Medina has officially announced the formation of an exploratory committee for her candidacy for the Governor of Texas! I highly encourage everyone to read and pass on the letter below. The great news is that this is a very winnable race. Let's unite and rally behind Debra, a true champion of Texas liberty, and show her that she has the support needed to ensure success.

Spread the word!


March 24, 2009

Dear fellow Texan,

For nearly 30 years, the promises of the Reagan Revolution have remained largely unfulfilled. Here in Texas, efforts since the early 1990s to reform the Republican Party of Texas have produced merely the exchange of one elite establishment for another. Texans are faced today with a nation in turmoil and the sad and daunting prospect of having our leaders offer only more of the same political rhetoric they have chanted for years. Platitudes and appeals to conservatism without action will not alter our course.

While excuses for our legislative and societal shift to the left abound, careful study of history demonstrates that socialism is no utopia.

Freedom rests on the security of individual liberty including strong protection of private property (to include land and labor) and sound currency. Freedom flourishes where government is constrained by the strong bands of law; a law that applies to one and all the same and concerns itself with preventing injustice, not making injustice legal.

The old bone of conservative promises served on a platter with courtesy by our current political establishment will neither stabilize the economy nor secure freedom for Texans.

While we are given reassurances that Texas is in much better shape than the rest of the country--our unemployment rate is lower, our housing market stronger--many of us are wondering when being on the high end of a sinking ship was cause for rejoicing?

Leadership demands character and courage; our leadership has failed to demonstrate either.

They have failed to secure private property rights and public education reform in Texas. Our leadership has failed to secure our borders and they have failed to provide sound currency as Republicans voted overwhelmingly for the financial bailouts championed by the Bush administration while railing against those of President Obama.

It is time for a new climate in Texas. It is time freedom and liberty are once again championed in Texas. It is time our leaders remember the proper role of government and behave like they believe that which governs best, governs least.

While the world would have us believe one person cannot make a difference, I am reminded of the lasting value of one courageous soul. I am reminded of my ancestor Thomas Rice who left his wife and five children in DeWitt County to protect the citizens of San Antonio from an invading army in 1842. Thomas is interred today along with others killed in the Dawson Massacre.

I am reminded by our Founders who stood against the tyranny of King George and the mighty British Empire to demand liberty and ultimately independence. And I am reminded of the words of Col. Travis: "I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch.”

I have launched an exploratory committee to become the next Governor of Texas.

I have no doubt, this will be a tough battle but I am comforted by the bravery, the wisdom and the love for Texas that burns in the soul of the many who have encouraged my candidacy and joined the campaign.

Make no mistake, many resources are urgently needed to wage the battle and win the war. Be encouraged that our forces are growing every day and we need your help.

We have much to accomplish but we know the torch of freedom, once rekindled in Texas will sweep our nation and true freedom and liberty will again reign supreme.

Supporting a challenger campaign such as mine will require courage and sacrifice. I need your financial help. I must raise $50,000 in the next two weeks. If you can possibly send $50, $100, $250 or even more, it will allow us to get our campaign team started.

A simple thank you is little recompense, but I pray the yoke will rest easy about you, that you will enjoy peace and prosperity, and that your children will bless you for having labored to secure for them a free and prosperous land.

Yours for Texas,

Debra Medina

P.S. Your help with $50, $100 or $250 this week using our website “contribute to the Debra Medina campaign” at www.debramedina.us means your contribution can be used immediately.

P.P.S. If you prefer, complete the information on the enclosed form and send your most generous contribution as soon as you possibly can. Thank you for your help in the Debra Medina for Governor Campaign.

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lone star bump

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Debra is awesome and I'd love to see her make some waves in the GOP, but I believe that Kay Bailey Hutchinson is very popular in the Texas GOP and this race won't even be close. Governor Perry is going down.

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More information about Debra Medina can be found at http://www.RunMedina.com/.

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Deb Medina spoke at the First Regional Campaign for Liberty Conference.