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03-24-2009, 12:53 PM

Note the snarky "Of course I'm ambivalent" paragraph.

I work with a guy that doesn't like RecycleBank because they create a financial incentive for people to recycle rather than people doing it out of the kindness of their heart (and pocketbook).

These people can't get it through their noggins that the best way to get people to be more efficient is through their wallet not government subsidies. Invent products that are more efficient and can save people money and they'll buy them.

One of the problems with trying to more efficient is building codes. There are products like the Ecodrain that are really smart but if you install one in some locations your house won't be "up to code".

03-24-2009, 01:09 PM
We need to direct money to these young utilities now, because every dollar makes a huge difference in these early years. And even though sometimes we don't make our money back, buying green cars and green power is an investment in our future. Though, to be frank, investments of all sorts have gotten a rather bad rap lately, so maybe I should stop using that terminology.

This kind of talk is stupid. The open market is highly efficient. If these really are "investments" like the author says, even if they will not make money immediately, the marketplace will realize this and buy accordingly. There is no need to extol the virtues of going green if doing so will be the best for the wallet.

Emphasis added was mine. If you don't make money back on it at all ever, how is that in any way an investment? Maybe "investments" have gotten a bad wrap lately because like the author, running government, are distorting the meaning of the word. Investments are intended to make you money. If they don't, they are more like a hobby.

Overly green people drive me a little nuts.