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03-19-2009, 11:51 AM
I picked up this flyer at CPAC; FYI!

Get paid, fight the left, launch your exciting political career, and have fun doing it!

Every fall semester the Leadership Institute (LI) sends out a team of motivated, highly trained field representatives. LI field representatives break the left-wing monopoly at colleges by helping student activists start conservative organizations on their campuses.

LI has begun hiring field representatives for the Fall 2009 semester.

Resume Gold

Your employment as a field representative is resume gold. Field reps use the training, experience, and connections from LI's National Field Program to launch rewarding careers in fields such as:

Grassroots activism

Political campaigns

Public policy

Capitol Hill staff


Conservative non-profit organizations

Get Paid

Field representatives receive $2000/month salary, plus $2000/month stipend for expenses such as lodging, food, cell phone use, gas, and more.

In August, LI will arrange your travel to the Institute's Arlington, VA HQ for 10 days of intensive training. Training expenses (flights, lodging, and meals) are covered by LI.

Apply Now

Apply today by visiting www.conservativejobs.com and filling out an online profile.

This may be the most exciting opportunity you'll ever have, and openings go FAST. Over 1200 inquiries were made into the program last year. Contact LI's National Field Director Bryan Bernys at bryan.bernys@limail.us or 1-800-827-LEAD for more details.

The Leadership Institute
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