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05-16-2007, 10:56 AM

1-877 367-2526
Please spend a few moments and call and get on the easy to get on Alan Colmes (http://www.alan.com)Show tonite and every nite talking about RP (Or as I like to put it: "Ron Paul, Now More than Ever"), but tonite would be especially useful, as the buzz continues all over this land and around the globe.

While millions of people work nites, rest assured, thousands upon thousands of people will be listening. Tens of thousands of truckers listen, as myself. What you say could turn someone who is considering Ron Paul into a true believer, financial contributer, supporter and voter. They in turn could turn on others. Over time this could go geometric. 1 877 367-2526

And it's easy to get on. The 3-hour show, from 9pm-midnite cst, begins with "first word", where they only ask you name and town and they put you on air to make your point. During the balance of the show, when there is no guest, Colmes likes to put on lots of callers. 1 877 367-2526

In the last hour, at about 50 minutes past the hour, he ques the calls and you get one sentence to make a point. So be succinct!

Colmes is Ron Paul Friendly. Colmes is misguided in his belief that he thinks RP can't go all the way. We know different.


Remember, Ron Paul, Now More than Ever !!

05-16-2007, 10:58 AM
Ron paul was just mentioned on Rush, he called all of ron's supporters spammers. Then a guy called in, rush was pretty fair.