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03-13-2009, 07:01 PM
Donate it to YAL.

Those muthahfukas know wat they doin.

Seriously, their organization seems to be really well managed. The kids are the future. Send them $100 bucks. Fund a scholarship for two liberty loving kids to be trained in the art of bullshit (politics)


Here is the latest email I got from them.

Subject: Are you a terrorist?

According the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC), "supporters of former Presidential Candidate: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr” are “militia members” like "the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge."

This is not a joke. Get the full story at the YAL blog.

Also, please scroll down to read an update about your copy of Young American Revolution, apply for $50 scholarship to the Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference in St. Louis, join the YAL Forums, and find out about our opportunity to put a pro-liberty TV show on the Fox News Channel.

It has been a very busy week, but we live by the motto, "Statism doesn't sleep. Neither should we." (You can see it written on our white board in the YouTube video linked below). Thanks for all the support.

For liberty,


YAR is in the mail...

Today, we mailed Young American Revolution to all $50 or more YAL donors. I know many of you are eagerly waiting for your copy. It should arrive sometime next week!

Enclosed with your copy is a letter from me. Please read it, and write or email us back with your thoughts on the issue. How can we improve? What articles do you want to see more of? And, is it a great magazine or the greatest magazine you've ever read? :-)

We're waiting in anticipation to hear from you, our supporters, to tell us what you think about the issue. I've read all 40 pages, and from front to back, I couldn't be more proud. It is great read.

To tease you a little more, we put together this short video documenting the mailing process. Please, have a look:

If you're a YAL member, your copy of Young American Revolution should arrive late next week or the beginning of the following week. If you joined YAL as a dues-paying member or donated $50 or more and do not receive a copy in the mail by the end of the month, please email us. We want to be sure everyone gets a copy.

If you haven't joined YAL or donated $50 or more, now you know what you are missing. Do it today, so you do not miss the 2nd issue of YAR when it publishes at the end of April!

$50 Student Scholarships

Want to run for office? Want to manage a campaign? Want to take over your student government? Want to be an improved student leader? Want to be a better person in general?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to get trained!

The first-ever Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, MO, on March 27th and 28th is THE opportunity for you. YAL is teaming up with C4L once again to train, educate, and entertain liberty-minded activists. Do whatever you can to be in St. Louis this weekend. You will go home as a trained activist with the skills to win in politics.

Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference

If you are a student with a valid student ID, YAL is offering $50 scholarships for the conference. This brings the student ticket price down to $25. For all the details and to apply, please go here.

If you would like to sponsor a student scholarship, please donate $50 or more to YAL and help train a life-long activist.

On Friday, March 27th @ 8pm, Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano will speak at the Freedom Celebration. RSVP at our Facebook event. This is the first major event since the Rally for the Republic last September in Minneapolis, MN. It's a guaranteed good time, and it's free and open to the public. Spread the word!

YAL Forums

YAL's best kept secret may be our forums. It's the best place to share your ideas, talk about the issues, and organize at the grassroots level.

Check out the forums, introduce yourself, and join the discussion.

Freedom Watch on Fox

Believe it or not, we have a real opportunity right now to get our own liberty-minded TV show on the Fox News Channel. Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano broadcasts online every Wednesday @ 2pm ET.

This show is an Internet pilot series to test whether or not there is an audience for liberty. If the show can create a large online following, Fox News will consider putting it on the air as a daily broadcast!

Imagine millions of Americans exposed to the message of free markets, personal liberty, and the Constitution 5 days a week!

You can make it happen by tuning in every Wednesday @ 2pm ET. Join our Facebook group to receive a reminder every Wednesday morning about the show.

This week's show had Congressman Ron Paul, John Stossel, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, John Tate, Tracy Byrnes, and Lew Rockwell. If you missed it, here is Part I of the show. Get all 6 parts and previous episodes by searching "Freedom Watch" on YouTube.

Freedom Watch on Fox

News from our Friends

Austrian Scholars Conference
Today (Friday) and Tomorrow (Saturday) the Mises Institute hosts to the 2009 Austrian Scholars Conference in Auburn, AL. More than likely you are not there, so watch it live online right here on the YAL blog.

Summer Internship Opportunity
A YAL-friendly magazine in the D.C. area has an internship available starting March 16. Responsibilities include administrative assistance (customer relations, some accounting, answer phones -- but no making coffee) and possibly some light editorial work (proofreading, contributing ideas, etc.). Excellent experience in the publishing world for a responsible young conservative or libertarian. If interested, send your resume and the date you can start to Daniel McCarthy at


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