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03-11-2009, 11:29 PM
Love and Fear
By Catherine Bleish

(for further thoughts on this: http://www.restoretherepublicradio.com/Liberty_Restoration_Hour_The_Liberty_Restoration_H our__Show_Five)

Walking in the name of love is the only path to salvation for man. For without love the body, void of spirit, void of purpose, becomes a tool for and enabler of evil. For every minute you slave for corruption is an eternity of pain inflicted by those you enable upon those they enslave.

The centralization of power through government, business and church has created a system in which the corrupt can leech upon the labors of society and until we refuse to allow such evil to control our world - the world will only know pain.

The machine has convinced the most sincere of hearts that their intentions are just and good, that cohesion at gunpoint in the name of love is truly love. Those who allow any institution to steal from their neighbor in the name of love do not truly know love. For when you know love you do not need an institution of hate and fear to provide for you as you will already be full with abundance and peace.

Those who give love will be provide for as the universe bring good things to those who do good by the universe.

To those who call for peace: I ask of you what action you have taken to bring peace Do you really believe that condemning those who propagate war while continuing to slave your labor and soul away through taxation will bring peace? Are you not still enabling them by participating in the corrupt system they have created? Are you not still enabling them by handing over the fruits of your labor?

Can you truly ever defend, morally, a time table for peace? I argue that you cannot.

To those who call for a healthier environment but still purchase clothing made by slave labor and shipped across the globe - to those who call for a healthier environment and continue to consume factory farmed meat and produce (also shipped across the globe and thus polluting) - do you really believe that by lobbying your government for green jobs is going to change the ways in which we treat our planet?

Can you ever defend, morally, the purchase of such items when arguing for such a cause? I argue that you cannot.

I watch my brothers an sisters turn a blind eye to ignorance, to pain, to suffering; I watch my brothers and sister live without purpose, love, or rue joy and I cry out to the universe for the strength to show them the path to salvation, the path to freedom, the path to eternal love and joy.

For there is truly nothing to fear if you act everyday in the name of love. Love begets love as fear begets fear.

Waiting for an elected official to do the right thing is not acting in love, but in fear.

DOING the right thing and refusing to enable fear mongering is the only act of love, politically.

Lash out not against your oppressors, rather, serve those who are oppressed. For the only way to truly free a man is not by condemning the jailor or removing the shackles of economic slavery - but by opening their eyes, their mind and their heart so that they may voluntarily remove said shackles and voluntarily leave their jailer, as the oppressed will continue to serve their oppressor, with or without shackles, until their mind has been set free and until their soul knows the deepest and purest of love - found only in the truth.

Control is obtained by the perversion of truth. This is seen by religious institutions who pervert the teachings of our founding fathers.

Not one of us exists without sin, not one of us exists without causing undue form of harm to our environment or neighbors - but if we act out of love - we will find love - as your mistakes will not come from a place of deliberate intention, rather from a place of honest miss-action.

Are we morally obligated to pay off debt incurred as a result of cultural perversion? Are we morally obligated to propagate corruption and abuses of power by turning over our labor, time, and soul to those who have stolen the life from humanity through propaganda, forced ignorance and violence?

Or, are we morally obligated to cease all enabling of such evil by redirecting our energy and resources to those actually in need? Which is acting in fear and which in love?

I would argue it is our duty as humans to become agents of love and to destroy agents of fear by refusal to acknowledge them and by a refusal to give them power. If they do not exist in our hearts and minds, they will cease to exist by our actions.

When we allow a third party to do our bidding - to redistribute our wealth through force - we allow that third party to enforce their own morality. Only through direct service will we be acting with a pure heart. The power to do good is the power to do bad and we have no control over the actions of others when we hand them our power.

If you want to see good enacted you will NEVER find it enacted at gun point. With the best of intentions, we have handed over our power to do good by assuming those who we have handed our power to will indeed do good.

Listen not to the words of our leaders - but watch their actions and study the results of said actions. When given limitless power you will find no act of love, only words claiming acts of love. We have handed over so much to these people who have done nothing to fundamentally change our lives for the better and we give them more when they threaten our security if we do not provide them with what they seek.

Ought we depend on an institution who has left refugees to suffer on the foundation in which their home was once built? Ought we depend on an institution which blocked the aid of those in need during one of the greatest storms to reach our shores, Katrina, which left so many stranded and directionless? Has this institution acted in love when it waged war unprovoked? Has it acted in love when it allowed lobbyists to dictate policy that further leeches off of our society? Has it acted in love when it tortures people and justifies such behavior in the name of safety? Is that love?

What makes us think they will act on our behalf when given control of your health care, food, and freedom?

A country that spies on their citizens does not love their citizens, but fears them. In love there is no need to spy and not need for limitless control.

In peace, love and liberty,

03-12-2009, 09:43 AM
Well said, Catherine. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Thanks :) I wish I could get more people to read it!