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03-07-2009, 01:41 PM
Major Constitution Party Activities And Events

Upcoming in March!


Constitution Party State Meeting

Sunday, March 8, 2009,
1 pm to 3 pm
Howard County Central Library
10375 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia, Maryland 21044
(The library is 3 blocks from the Columbia Mall)

The meeting will be held in the room located to the left of the restrooms which are in the lobby area. This is the same location of the meeting held on Saturday, December 13, 2008 & Saturday, January 24, 2009.
Elections will be held for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, & Treasurer.
You must be a registered voter with the Constitution Party to vote & hold office. Please go to www.elections.state.md.us to find your nearest voter registration office.

The voter registration application can be found HERE

It takes 2 or 3 weeks to receive your new voter registration card if you change it online, so you might want to show up at your nearest voter registration office to fill out the application. One member said they gave him his new card in 5 to 10 minutes.

Please bring your voter registration card with you to the meeting to verify that you are a registered voter with the Constitution Party.

For Further Information Contact:
Michael Bertocchi
Maryland Constitution Party


Radio Interviews

Jim Clymer,
Constitution Party National Chairman
March 11- 8:00 AM ET
WGDN Morning Show
Midland, MI

Darrell Castle,
Constitution Party National
March 11-8:10 am ET
WDEV, WCAT, Vermont
Topic: Federal Land Grab in N.E. States Known As "Northern Forests"

Mary Starrett,
Constitution Party Media Director
March 12- 6:00 pm PT
Mike Siegel Show
KITZ, Port Orchard, Wa.



CP U.S. Senatorial Candidate,
Dr. Marshall DeRosa, to address
"crumbling economy" in Neptune Beach

March 15, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Beaches Regional Library
600 3rd Street,
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
Dr. Marshall DeRosa, Constitution Party Candidate for the US Senate, Florida, will be speaking on current events that face Floridians in today's crumbling economy. Currently an FAU Political Science Professor as well as a Constitutional scholar and author, Dr. DeRosa is well-respected throughout Florida and the Nation as a Champion of the Constitution.

The Constitution Party of Florida is proud to sponsor candidates like Dr. DeRosa. If you are concerned for the future of Florida and the United States, you won't want to miss this event! We urge you to join us and participate in this important opportunity to make a positive difference!



Baldwin/Castle reunite for Constitution Party
Rally on the Gulf Coast in Alabama!!!!

March 28, 2009

Admiral Raphael Semmes Radison Hotel
Mobile, AL
(Further details concerning this rally and ticket information will
be posted soon at http://www.cpalabama.org.)

Our 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nominee, Chuck Baldwin, and his running mate, Darrell Castle, will be the featured speakers at this major Constitution Party event in the heart of Dixie! There will be a live band and more surprise guests are anticipated. This will undoubtedly be the most significant Constitution Party event in Alabama in the 17 year history of the party. If you live in the southern gulf states area, you absolutley will not want to miss this historic Constitution Party event!



Welcome to the new place to get Constitution
Party "stuff!" More items will be on the way!
Help support this great venture! The
Constitution Party profits from every purchase!


North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections‏
From: Constitution Party of NC (webmaster@constitutionpartync.com)
Sent: Thu 3/05/09 10:18 PM
To: webmaster@constitutionpartync.com

Dear North Carolinian: The state of North Carolina has for years now restricted the right of theNorth Carolina voter to truly vote their conscience by denying them that right through our state's restrictive ballot access laws. Yet, with yourhelp we may be getting closer to ending that problem, or at least relaxingthose restrictions. The North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections has, as many of youalready know, a bill proposal to greatly alleviate the signature burdenand ballot retention problem in North Carolina. This bill proposal iscurrently in the hands of several North Carolina State legislators at thistime. The bill is entitled the "Electoral Freedom Act of 2009" and can befound on the NCFPE's web site at www.NCFPE.com. While State Senator JimJacumin (R-44) seems nearly certain that he will introduce the "ElectoralFreedom Act" in the NC Senate, we were just recently able to get the bill into the hands of State Representative Phillip Frye (R-84) who iscurrently looking over the bill. What we need now, is the support and voice of the people of North Carolina from all political backgrounds to support the introduction of the "Electoral Freedom Act of 2009." We ask that you call both of these state legislators (and others in order to find a sponsor and co-sponsor) about sponsoring the bill. Yet, we ask that you focus your most fervent and kind attention on Representative Phillip Frye. While he has shown interest in the bill and has confirmed that he is considering it, nothing is yet concrete. Therefore, we need to focus on calling RepresentativeFrye to let him know how important it is us that North Carolina electionare free as the NC State Constitution demands in Article 1 Section 10, and equal. We need as many people as possible from all accross the state and from all political backgrounds and ideologies to contact Representative Frye, not once but multiple times in the next two to three weeks to show how important this issue really is, especially with the bill introduction deadline in the NC House being on March 26, 2009. You can contact Representative Frye at his Raleigh Office at (919)733-5661 and e-mail him at Phillip.Frye@ncleg.net. You can contact Senator Jim Jacumin at his Raleigh Office at (919)715-7823 and e-mail him at Jim.Jacumin@ncleg.net. To help you out a little, below are NINE reasons we need the "ElectoralFreedom Act of 2009" to be introduced (and passed):

1. North Carolina’s current ballot access laws, found in NCGS Chapter 163, violate the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution by denying NC citizen’s their right to vote their conscience by keeping minor parties and unaffiliated candidates from obtaining the ballot with excessive signature requirements.

2. NC’s current ballot access laws violate the 14th Amendment to the USConstitution by denying equal protection of the law to minor parties andunaffiliated candidates; requiring excessive number of signatures fromminor parties to gain access to the ballot, and even higher unequalsignature counts for district office unaffiliated candidates.

3. Requiring new political parties to obtain over 85,000 signatures isexcessive and unreasonable, when states such as South Carolina andMaryland only require 10,000 signatures and many other states require evenless, and still do not have any problem with cluttered ballots or voter confusion.

4. The Supreme Court ruled in its decision in the case Williams v. Rhodes in 1968 that “the presence of eight candidacies cannot be said, in light of experience, to carry a significant danger of voter confusion.”

5. No state has ever seen more than eight candidates on its ballot for a statewide office that required over 5,000 signatures for access to the ballot. Therefore, it is safe to require as little as 5,000 signatures and not risk a cluttered election ballot.

6. The largest number of candidates to have ever appeared on the North Carolina election ballot for a statewide office, was 6 candidates for President in 1980, when North Carolina’s signatures requirement for new political parties was only 10,000 signatures.

7. Requiring unaffiliated candidates for Congress to obtain more signatures than any other state in the nation (Congressional District 9 requiring 20,601 signatures in 2008) is excessive and unreasonable whenstates such as Virginia only require 1,000 signatures, Tennessee only requires 25 and in Florida candidates only have to pay a filing fee. Having the most restrictive law for District candidates in the nation, is unacceptable for a free state, and disregards the freedom and rights of the North Carolinian.
8. Write-In candidates currently are required to obtain 500 signatures forvotes for that candidate to be counted even though their name is NOTprinted on the ballot, and most North Carolinians have no idea they can vote for that candidate. It makes no sense then to requires signaturesfor Write-In, when the County Boards still are required to count all thesevotes (even though they are not designated for a specific candidate if the signatures were not obtained). A simple Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In candidate should suffice, and allow more options and choice forthe North Carolina voter.

9. As the Supreme Court cited in its decision on Williams v. Rhodes in 1968, “’No right is more precious in a free country than that of having a voice in the election of those who make the laws under which, as good citizens, we must live. Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.’” By the restrictive ballot access laws that North Carolina currently operated under, the right to vote IS undermined. While it is currently important to focus on Representative Frye, we still hope and ask that you will also call Senator Jim Jacumin and encourage himto Sponsor the "Electoral Freedom Act of 2009" in the NC Senate as well. Lets keep the calls and e-mails coming. If you have any questions about the bill or ballot access in general, please feel free to contact me. For Liberty's Sake, Jordon M. Greene Founder/President North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections jmgreene@ncfpe.comwww.NCFPE.com 1-(828)- 729-4509 "Got the Right to Vote? THINK AGAIN!"