View Full Version : Letter: Spending in stimulus bill is part of country’s problem, not solution

02-20-2009, 09:18 AM
Spending in stimulus bill is part of country’s problem, not solution

Canton Rep
Feb 19, 2009

The stimulus bill extends the policy causing the problem it is designed to solve. It is like a person thinking he can resolve indebtedness by spending more on his credit card. Rather than improve our economy, this is an out-and-out spending bill — more pork from a Congress already obese.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, the United States was in a big depression with high unemployment, like today’s situation, with no real solution in sight. President Obama has presented a mammoth spending program, much like President Roosevelt’s first-term plan.

Many claim that Roosevelt’s program extended the Depression seven years longer than it would have been had he allowed the market to take care of itself.

Both Obama’s and Roosevelt’s programs were loaded with big spending but very little to really improve the economy. Should we allow history to repeat itself? An emphatic no.

A good economy depends on making products, thus producing wealth, jobs and commerce. Although many view economics as complicated, I consider it very simple. Having lived on a farm most of my 91 years, I know that if a farmer sells more than he buys, he is on the plus side, and vice versa. Profit is no sin.

Perhaps we need more farmers, instead of big business and bankers, in politics. Some of our self-sacrificing, dedicated and intelligent Founding Fathers were farmers.

Solution: certainly not the stimulus bill. Our Founding Fathers and I would put sufficient tariffs on imports, so our factories can compete with Communist China’s average wage, 57 cents per hour. Eliminate the World Trade Organization and NAFTA, GATT and any other trade agreement that ties employees’ arms behind their backs.

For more useful, truthful information, consult radio talk shows and the Internet, especially the much-maligned John Birch Society. You’ll like it.