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09-13-2007, 09:46 PM
This is by Theodore Terbolizard from Congressional Coast to Coast::

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul walked with supporters through San Francisco's financial district. Many of the people walking are from various Ron Paul meetup groups. The Congressman has been on the West Coast attending various fundraiser events for his 2008 campaign.


Today I travelled to San Francisco to once again see Congressman Ron Paul. The video above shows a crowd of people marching with their favorite Presidential candidate through the financial district as he travelled from a fundraiser breakfast to a fundraiser lunch. This campaign is STILL gaining momentum; it's getting bigger and bigger each month. The fundraisers get more expensive and attract larger crowds; fortunately I was able to sit with some of Ron Paul's staff to watch his lunchtime speech today; the fundraisers are getting out of my price range to attend. I see this as a good sign.

In his lunchtime speech, Dr. Paul covered his freedom and liberty message as he has been doing so well in the past months. He is constantly improving in delivering his platform, whether he's talking about lower taxes, ending the war, or downsizing government. Articulating his belief in self-government by individuals, the gentleman from Texas made it very clear that he wasn't smart enough to run the economy or the lives of U.S. citizens, and that none of his colleagues in DC were smart enough to either!

Lew Rockwell was in town and introduced Ron Paul's luncheon speech. He remarked that he never thought he'd be walking through San Francisco with a bunch of anti-war Republicans, but it had just happened. Bill Dumas, the videographer for the campaign, was shooting video all day long; I explained, on camera, during the march, that this was an amazing thing for San Francisco, because generally, when politically-motivated people demonstrate or march in San Francisco, it's usually in opposition to something like the war; it's rare to see people demonstrate in support of a politician in San Francisco. Very rare.

I was surprised at how many people I knew in the crowd, and also by how many people walked up to me and introduced themselves; lots of people have been seeing my youtube videos, my myspace profile, my campaign website. This was very encouraging.

09-13-2007, 10:14 PM
That's awesome!

I loved the "Mendecino for Ron Paul" banner!!!!!!

Allan Bartlett
09-13-2007, 10:28 PM
Great job today San Francisco.