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02-08-2009, 08:59 PM
I think first the courts need to be taken back so that we can prosecute the Dogs we remove!

To do that we have to wake up the people (I know you all know this!) but here is the challenge illustrated to inspire my friends and allies!

Too often I am confronted with “ Well of course there is all this corruption, but what can you do about it?” or “You will never change the system” or “you can’t fight city hall” and all of the others. I try to tell these naysayers that I am glad our Founders didn’t have that attitude. Thankfully, some souls are not so pessimistic, and are determined to fight because it is what they believe is right, and what must be done. They therefore heave upon their shoulders this epic challenge and begin the Endless legwork of lobbying, campaigning, meetings etc. etc. etc. struggling to spread light through the thick, seemingly endless blackness. And often times, unable to perceive any impact, not because of their efforts, but because of those receiving the message are bound by a thousand chains of Lie, deceit, disinformation, ignorance, and even further blindfolded by pride, too proud to admit that they have been cheated for decades. The Laborious task of the light bearing patriot in removing these chains and blinders is likened unto Atlas holding up a world, or Moses alone bringing 2 million souls out from bondage, or Hercules single-handedly fighting the giant many headed hydra.
Of all the many excellent methods to achieve change, and to reverse this corruption, from complex and expensive to simple and cheap. I suggest one of the most important, inexpensive acts to practice and to get others to practice, is simply: CONSTANT talk about the subjects, to EVERYONE, from your paperboy, to the lady at the coffee shop counter, even to the point of civil annoyance. Speak of them with great concern and conviction as if the Devil itself has already taken over the government and plans to devour the earth. Speak of them with such detail and passion, that it convinces others to do the same with the same fervor and conviction. Speak of them non stop, bordering on fanaticism until, even the resisting minds, begin repeating your words simply because they memorized them from hearing you say them so often. INSIST that they too repeat the subjects to everyone they meet because of the following outcome:

“Well what the heck good does this do” They will ask in denial. Here is my reply:

Ignorance is our biggest enemy, even the Good and Just will defend to the death a Demon if they think it is an Angel. Too often some are selective in who they choose to talk of these subjects to. Too many times in family and friend gatherings everyone avoids the subject of politics and religion, and speak of only trivial topics. This is OK in times of peace, but NOT in times of despair! It then Only assists the veil of ignorance crippling the power of the people. You can never know the person who needs to hear what you have to say, and be inspired thereby. If the talk of the town thus begins to become all the words the patriots speak, here is where the most beneficial results will be because of our ceaselessly echoing words illuminating the darkness of the collective mind:

1. Juries in trials will begin seeing through the corruption of corporations, government institutions, judges and lawyers, and begin landing victory after victory for our brothers and sisters who fight our long hard battles in the courts of deceit.
2. Lawyers will begin to realize that it is their duty to fight for TRUE justice and the people will again gain more power, corrupt laws then begin to tumble.
3. Corrupt judges begin to be exposed thereby, and subsequently removed, Just ones rightfully taking their place.
4. With a reasonable amount of TRUTH restored to our justice system, the corruption of the government can quickly and efficiently be removed and prosecuted, returning the peoples’ stolen assets and power.
5. Then from our lessons learned about a corruption that nearly destroyed us, we can erect laws, or even constitutional amendments that prevent any of this nonsense from ever happening again, and ensure that the ULTIMATE power remains in the hands of the people forever, where it has always belonged.

ALL of this, just from constant talk . . . I do it, and yes, a lot of times it does get heated – but weeks later, I have found many begin to see the light, and research, or parrot my words. I therefore wish you all the power and support you require in spreading the Light of Truth in these Dark times my Just Brethren! Our burden is great, but so too is the power of the Truth which we wield! :D