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02-08-2009, 03:08 AM
Party Building To Be Focus For Constitution Party In 2009!

Success in 2010 and 2012 will depend very greatly on our party building efforts in 2009. In the area of party building, Andrew Zuelke, State Committee Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin has set forth a number of goals for his state party committee. Two of them, in particular, are worth sharing as we look forward to a new year of party building activity in 2009:

1) To organize this party on the local level so that we can better network with constitutional conservatives in those areas of the state mainly in the form of regular monthly or even by-monthly meet-ups, promote our state affiliate locally especially through fair booths, hold local fundraisers, and garner media attention.

It is important to remember that real political action takes place at the local level. To be effective your political organization (at any level) must create interest by be active...not only in holding regular meetings, but in engaging in effective public outreach and fundraising projects. People will join with us if they believe we are actually doing something and not just talking about doing something.

By the way, as far as "garnering media attention" is concerned, you will find that the local media is far more interested in what you are doing, than what you are saying. Show activity and your announcements of that activity, at least, may well find their way into the the local newspaper. Mere press release stating your positions on issues and topics are likely to find their into the circular file (or its cyber equivalent).

If our party works diligently at building its party organizations at the state and local level, in increasing its public outreach projects (just a few of which are mentioned in Goal #1 shown above) and in
maintaining fundraising projects to support these activities, the second
goal (listed below) should eventually be achievable in the near future:

2) To promote ourselves to such a point voters no longer ask our candidates or party members, "Constitution Party? What's that?" but that voters will now say, "Constitution Party? Oh, yes, I've heard of you people."

Now is the time to be building the foundation for our election efforts in 2010 and 2012 (and, no, I haven't forgotten that a few states will have partisan elections this year--in those states everyone should be getting busy right away).


While all state affiliates are encouraged to develop their own materials, the national party currently has literature and bumper stickers available for sale at:


Buy CP Materials or call the National Office at (717) 390-1993 and speak to Danielle Warren.

It is important to have Constitution Party materials to effectively spread the message of the Constitution Party.

Is Your State Constitution Party Organization Making Plans For Effective Party Building Activity For 2009?

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Assist Your State Party Organization In Its Party Building Efforts?