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02-06-2009, 02:27 PM

Everything was so quiet, the wind was calm, snow gently falling, the furnace rumbling gently producing warmth and security within our home. Sitting at my desk happily chatting with friends, complaining about spring being so far away when I noticed a line of black vans coming down my driveway. As they neared panic took over, absolute dibilitating fear making me frozen in time. Watching the men jump out donning their combat gear, grabbing their guns and sheilds advancing on my home. I could not even scream at my husband to wake up, he slept soundly with Buddy curled up at his side. Innocent of any wrong doing yet here the men in black were at our door?
I realized our only chance was to be calm and calculating I went to the door stepped outside with a hand full of small constitution books as my weapon. Closing the door behind me to assure there was no possible excuse for them to get a foot in and claim I had allowed them in with permission. Armed and ready I spoke in a forceful voice,"what do you want here?" No answer, just more men deploying around our home."What do you think you are doing?" No answer. One huge man with a UN sheild on his shirt stepped forward and informed me of my name and asked if that was me. "Yes." He then went on to say he was authorized to do a exploratory search of the premisis to assure the safety of his men? "Step aside" he stated in a loud voice. "No.. I will not step aside. read the Constitution where it says I have the right to privacy and you need a search warrant to enter my home." Laughter went through the men in black, snickering and grinning. Three young men stepped forward grabbing my arms and pulling me away from the door.. I cried out what about my rights under the Constitution.. Laughter again.. One stepped forward and threw his copy on the ground stomping it into the muddy snow.

My door was forced open and several men entered with guns drawn, slashing down book shelves, toppling over stacks of stored food boxes and grinning at the find. Orders barked back and forth for them to search the house for contraband food and supplies.. My home was overrun with Black cloaked robbers, I was angry, terrified and knew full well we were doomed. My husband was now awake and came running from the bedroom gun in hand and all I heard was the explosion of gunfire. I knew my husband was gone..

I awoke with sweat on my face, I could hardly breathe and my heart was pounding, I reached over and yes Tim was still in bed with me safe and sound, Buddy was awake and wondering what was going on with me.

What a dream huh?

Could this dream become reality for many of us? I think so if, we do not change our mentality and stop hiding behind flimsey excuses of fear and dread. Hiding is not the answer, we cannot hide. With the current government teaching our children to be tattle tales, our neighbors cowtowing to the aurtority of the police state we live in now will gladly turn in others in hopes of saving them selves. When will it dawn on people there is no respect for turncoats and rats? Not even by the people who are in charge, they simply use these weaklings to wreck havoc on those of us that refuse to obey illegal laws and edicts.

Our only hope is to gather together in groups of like minded individuals and concentrate our efforts to protect our own. Withdraw support from the banks, neighbors who are flimsey excuses of humanity with no moral guidelines.

Distance yourselves from those that cannot or will not see the writing on the wall. Stand tall, be independent and supply yourselves with enough supplies to keep your family or group well supplied during any period of difficulty. And... by all means gather your strength to be able to refuse to share your hard earned supplies with those who laugh at you now.

I think our only hope is, for those that are not doing anything now to insure their future will be so taken aback with lack of their needs being met they will turn on each other in vicious attacks to take what they need and should have had stored. Hopefully we will be in secure places where we can simply sit back and watch the melee and not be engaged in the fight. But fight if we must and fight for real, no holds barred. That means you may have to shoot your neighbor of years, friends who were close to your family, illegals looking for food, gang members demanding their share, etc

.Many people have places already in place to flee to that will be safe and away from the city and carnage. I think we all need to survey our homes and areas now and think about how safe you will be.

I am not a alarmist, never have been but do think we all need to be prepared for the worst and hope and pray for the best. With our leaders treating us like a nation of idiots ( which we are) telling us daily how to live,what we can eat, how to raise our children and taking away every speck of self reliance, self respect and morality, what can we truly expect for our future?

I am not a defeatist and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. For those of us that have done without, sacrificed our lives and security to warn others and made solid plans for living through any difficult times we will be the new citizens of a good and just nation. States are now revolting against the regime of control, stating they will not obey the rulers in charge. This is a good thing, we need to reinforce their statements with actions. Every politician should be recognized as a traitor, most of them will say what they feel we want to hear but do little in the way of actually putting their statements into action. We have to force them to act not talk.

I am southern, raised with strict rules of morality by a Grandmother who would never bow to anyone other than God. Strict morals were observed in our home, my Grandparents lived their words not just spoke of them. My Grandfathers word was his bond you could count on him doing what he knew was right and honest even in the face of adversity. I may have been too indroctinated by them to be able to see anothers point of view on certain values like morality and honesty. If something is wrong that is all there is it is simply wrong and I don't do it. There comes a time in everyones life when they have to choose, right or wrong with no inbetween or shadow of a maybe. There is no excuse for making something wrong acceptable yet we as a nation have done just this. We excuse murder by pleading " under the influence of drugs" We excuse deviant behavior with the excuse everyone has a right to be and do what they wish? We have forgotten our Bible and our God. We have allowed others of different beliefs to nullify our religions and teachings. We are weak and scared when we should be strong and standing up for our beliefs as strongly as those of other religions are doing. Why would we sit down and let a foreign religion take over our court system, our laws, our very lives? Why do we elect people who have proven to be evil, traitors and at best stupid?

What has happened to Common sense? If you can add 2 + 2 and get 4 you should be able to know what is right and what is wrong. It has happened a little at a time and we have just stood by saying well that little thing won't hurt, then with a foot hold these people have completely taken over our country. Since when is it wrong to say something is ILLEGAL? Since when has it become OK to allow criminals to roam our country without the least bit of worry?

I realize many of you will unsubscribe because of this news letter, that is ok, you are not of like mind with me. I will pray for your enlightenment but worry about your leaving never. That is your choice, it is also your choice to do what you know is right every day. Stand up and speak out against what you see going on around you. Stop being afraid.

Without speaking out now and taking action we will all be on the wrong end of justice in the end. This country was founded by people who were aftaid, afraid of losing their freedom, their religion and their right to live unencumbered by phony kings and queens. These people gave their lives so we could have a great country and what have we allowed to happen?

Our food is tainted with chemicals making us dumb,every one is on some sort of medication, it is a feel good world, just take a pill and feel good, our entertainment is our number one goal in life it seems, football, basketball, tv, video games, etc.. each one with a message for the masses.. Be Happy, Accept what is happening, Don't think, Don't act, Just Accept !

I am not happy, I am not accepting and I am not sitting down and taking it !

A disturbing message:


02-06-2009, 03:25 PM
Funny, I had that nightmare about 1993. Yeah, that was the year. Only, when I woke up, it was still on my television.

That's when I joined the fight for freedom...