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02-04-2009, 12:30 PM

dear moveon member, president obama's economic stimulus plan is in trouble.

We all urgently need to get these facts out before the public. can you write a letter to the editor of your local paper about how the stimulus will affect real people? our tool makes writing a letter really easy. Click here to get started:

http://pol.moveon.org/lte/lte_t.html?zip=12590&lte_campaign_id=100 (http://pol.moveon.org/lte?campaign_id=100&id=15489-8869033-q_nsebx&t=3)

our tool makes it super easy. We'll provide you with talking points to use, some tips on writing your letter, and an easy way to send it in to any newspaper in your area.

You can start writing your letter to the editor by clicking here:
http://pol.moveon.org/lte/lte_t.html?zip=12590&lte_campaign_id=100 (http://pol.moveon.org/lte?campaign_id=100&id=15489-8869033-q_nsebx&t=4)

thanks for all you do.
–noah, laura, patrick s., anna and the rest of the team


02-04-2009, 12:32 PM
Just don't use moveon's talking points.

02-04-2009, 01:07 PM
I am in - bump!

I used a similiar tool a week or so ago to let Congress know that, like Rush, I also hoped that Obama failed.

02-04-2009, 02:02 PM
I advise writing a short story to illustrate the feebleness of the stimulus.

The world as a school:

Imagine each country being its own classroom, there is much internal activity, and some interaction amongst the several rooms. In some rooms the students (people) start using a valuable commodity as a money to barter for the goods and services of other students in the room: each student knows that this commodity will be acceptable to the others in the room as payment, whether they want it or not, because everyone will accept it. Lets say the commodity is 'bic' pens: small, identical, cheap unit costs, durable. A baloney sandwich might be worth 4 pens, depending on the circumstances of the buyer and seller. A new chair might be 200 pens. A coat might be 400. A plastic mold in which you can produce more pens, given the raw material might be 1000 pens.

But all of this pen trading is cumbersome, and at some points in time there may only be 5 or 10 actual pens available as payment in the whole classroom. So the teacher (government) comes up with the idea to allow paper tickets to act as money, representing pens. The economics remained unchanged, but every time that the teacher collects a pen, she issues a paper ticket in its place. The paper ticket will likely have to teacher's design on it, to distinguish it from other classroom's ticket systems, and her signature, to deter students from printing their own tickets. But what happens when a student needs to trade with someone from another room? Either he needs to trade his tickets for pens to take to the other room, or the teachers need to conspire to accept each others tickets in their classrooms.

Now for the stimulus package: There is a shortage of paper tickets in the classroom; people aren't spending as much. So the teacher, trying to help, begins to buy some students' Trapper Keepers with newly printed tickets to get them circulating. There are no pens to back up these tickets, but the teacher could turn around and sell the trapper keepers for tickets to keep the system afloat. Further, since this wasn't effective enough at pumping up spending, the teacher begins taking a few tickets from each of the students that she feels have some to spare, and begins to buy new hardwood flooring and windows for the classroom - improvements meant to create jobs.

*Have to go, but will continue later, a couple of paragraphs more will conclude how idiotic this teacher is.