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05-16-2007, 09:48 AM
Somehow I watched the whole debate. Got through it with mocking. The questions were from one of those bad Film Noir 1950's.

One of the worst moderated debates I've seen, an obvious Ron Paul vendetta. They went after Ron Paul from the beginning - 1st question - Why are you running on the Republican ticket? Are you in the right party?

During the debate when Paul talked about CIA Blow back. Guliana/Caligula went into his own Operation blow back - the sickening non-moderators let ol' Guliana go to town on Ron Paul. Lap dog - cross-dressing Guliana. And the crowd went wild - literally, they yelled and applauded for Caligula/Guliani.

It's a positive sign their going after him from the beginning to Caligula/Guliana's pretend attack. Pretend attack - like 9/11. (Their afraid, very afraid. Well that's their motto, they might as well live by it. What goes around comes around.)

Even Tancredo jumped on Paul after Caligula/Guliana did. They all have their marching orders. It is so blatant, the viciousness.

The alien Hannity/Colms - what's with that guy? He makes a good case for the alien/reptilian theory.

Ron Paul so far is winning the FOX poll at 30% as of 11:30 p.m. 5/15/07

Winning with 65% - next lead - Carol Burnett's boyfriend at 21%. Win's for cuteness - if you like large headed three year olds.

Some of tonights answers - I think the questions are irrelevant. You'll have to forgive me for the shorthand - I tried to get it all down - snark!

Thompson - Let 'em have 1/3 of the oil.

Caligula/Guliana - No time table for dicks... er - I mean Fort Dix. They're gonna come and kill us.

Trancredo - Capacity - capacity - capacity. The Pres. said "I'm a bench - and in control. I set the bench mark". We're in harms way - terra - terra - terra.

Gilmore - Iran's an emerging problem Sanction Iran. Give up now Iran! Iran = Nuclear weapon. Then everyone will want one. Lets strike.

McCain - Tax cuts permanent, or no farms. We're drunk in Washington. Where are my arms?

Hukabee - Fair tax - tax - tax- tax. No one knows what they're paying. Families are friendly. John Edwards hair cut costs alot. ha ha ha - (got the biggest laugh of the night).

Caligula/Guliana - Firstly, conserve. NY loves me the most. I'm easier in Washington than I was in NY. I won't refill.

Brownback - Biodiesel - work on hybrids. My daughter is a bad driver, well actually she's a pig. We can mix it up and not be a hostage to Venezuela.

PAUL - Homeland Insecurity = goodbye. FEMA = morons. Cut govt. philosophy of intervention in the world. Tax reform. Change govt. attitude.

Gilmore - I don't like the other guys.

Hunter - China is cheating and we're loosing jobs to those cheaters -Zero. Bring back factory jobs.

Gilmore - Romney is an actor - (Saw him on the Carol Burnett show). Abortion issue - flip floppers all o'em. These guys are evil - their republicans.

Caligula - Rudy / McRomney = good ticket. (He really said that). Feathered market ... good for birds. Remove private choice - repub's should unite on this. (It would help if Caligula got off the drugs first.)

McCain - I approve of me - we need immigrants for work; cleaning out the isles of radical Islam.

Romney - In my state men and women are tough. We need english in my state. Conservatives built America.

Thompson - Stem cells - they are not enough. We need amnionic fluid.

Caligula - I don't support slavery - or slaves. They have to make their own money. Reduce abortion, it's a fight between the mother and the unborn.

((?) fill in the Candidate) - Is the child a person ? Is the child innocent ? It's terrible. End the life of the woman - not the child.

Romney - It's terrible - I'm sick, and I confess I love Carol Burnett.

McCain - Amnesty ? How do you spell it? Border agreement & RFID chips - Biometrics - love em - yum.

McCain - I'm engaged and I'm married - I'm confused - I'm from Arizona. I'm not following you anywhere.

Romney - There is no advantage in my coming here. Follow the yellow brick road. Get in line and chose a door.

McCain - I'm corrupt.

Caligula - I'm soft - thanks for noticing. We need RFID chips to scare the terrorists. Danger - danger - danger Will Robinson.

PAUL - Party has lost its way. Non intervention policy. Wars don't end.

PAUL - We are building an Embassy in Iraq, bigger than the Vatican.

Caligula - Slams Ron Paul on the Blow back issue hoping to fool people into believing Paul loves terrorists. The thinking people aren't going for it. But the audience erupts into applause for Caligula. A frightening moment. A frightening bunch. (Must have had plants in the audience from the 2000 Florida election shut down.)

McCain - I'm the decider. We don't torture.

Caligula - Use torture - torture - torture, for terra - terra -terra.

Romney - I'd pull out, but I like Guantanamo. We 'otta double the size of the place. Enhanced interrogation techniques will be used. (He actually said this.)

Thompson - I love Colin Powell - he's my hero. blah blah blah. What was the question?

Brownback - Lives are lost - more are pending. I'm gonna cover my ass - that's the way it is.

Hunter - I'd light up my big cigar and tell the "Sec. Def." - hey dude - high pressure techniques - get the information - get it to me in one hour! (Except for the cigar - he actually said Sec. Def.)

McCain - Colin Powell likes me - he supports me for president.

Huckabee - When bush said Fly, Shop, I got it. They murdered fellow American citizens. Pearl Harbor.

PAUL - Cut taxes. Cut spending. Enhanced interrogation - is this New speak for torture? (WOW!)

Trancredo - I'm looking for Jack Bauer. Make them afraid - very afraid. (Who the hell is Jack Bauer?)

Romney - Don't leave children behind. More testing - gives hope.

Hunter - China loves our guns. Tienemen Square was a two way street.

Now I know why I avoid the Republican debates - like Bab's Bush said -"why would I want to ruin my beautiful mind." I don't know who's mind Bab's was talking about.


05-16-2007, 09:54 AM
that was funny...

05-16-2007, 10:00 AM
Check this out... This guy whats to be our next president?


05-16-2007, 10:13 AM
Yeah - the real Caligula/Guliana. Drinks too much Koolaid.