View Full Version : Written Interview with Ron Paul re: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATON

09-12-2007, 09:37 PM

Interesting. I wish this could become more public.

09-12-2007, 10:11 PM
"Q:Bear Sterns made an estimate about three years ago that there were 20 million in the country. [The Underground Labor Force Is Rising To The Surface, Robert Justich and Betty Ng, CFA January 3, 2005(PDF)] What would you do with them?

A:I think when you know where they are, and you know they’re illegal, they should be sent back. Especially if they’re caught in a crime.

I think you have to be realistic. I mean, having an army to go around the country to round them up and put them in trucks and haul them out, that’s not feasible. But certainly if they’re signing up for a benefit, they should be sent back home, instead of given the benefit.

Q:Well, it’s the reason legal immigrant skill levels degrade over time. They’re not being selected on the basis of skills, they’re being selected on the basis of relationships.

A:I think we need to do both. It was a good principle to say that when immigrants come in, they’re on their own. They better have a sponsor. You either have a job or you have a family; you’re not going on the dole."

Two of the best answers I've ever herd, on the subject.