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01-20-2009, 10:58 PM
Media Madness ?
This came from a reader in Texas:

Can you say Marxism or Fascism?

This is the way it started in 1920s in Germany and Italy.
Started just a bit earlier in Soviet Union.
Then again in Cuba with Castro.
And Venezuela is now under the jackboot.
China, N Korea, Iran, and a large part of the middle east.
Iraq is rapidly sliding into an Imam run society and have no background or history in the concept of freedom.
Most of Europe is under a non elected EU that issues mandates.
Mexico does not work too well.
Britain has Sharia law in many areas of their country.
Bankers and financial people in USA are eager to comply with Sharia law if it gets them some money. The greedy are soooo easy to corrupt.
We just said goodbye to a president who did not honor the constitution nor freedom and thought that America was a democracy! And wanted for us what the EU has....a one world government where the average citizen has NO SAY OR VOTE at all. The elite decide what to do. And that has not worked out so well if the Iraq war and our "economy" is any gauge of success of the elite's thinking.
But I am sure you don't have to worry about Bush's future.....I am sure he invested in Halliburton who made Billions on the war.

We have foreign troops within our country, and UN troops, and they seem to be waiting for a precipitating event.....like 9/11 maybe? Marshal law.....here we come. Food, water, power rationing. Monsanto transgenic seeds. Befouled food supply. But lots of nice vaccines for you to feel better. And we'll remove those guns so you don't hurt yourself.

And to oversee it all we have the prime agent of CHANGE. And he will deliver exactly the change he promised. Oooops he did not spell it out did he? Very soon it will become crystal clear. The fools who voted for him will get what they wanted. Unfortunately, the rest of us live here too.

Our busy little congress already has bills on the floor to:
--tax your 401k (even though they were not supposed to be taxable)
--repeal the 22amendment so the ONE can be president for life
--Global Poverty Act to force tax $$$ from US taxpayers and give Billions to UN to distribute to poverty countries
--Obesity tax for those overweight!!!
--Global Warming programs to impose "carbon" credits ( wow this winter has been really hot hasn't it...and last year too )
--all kinds of gun and ammo bills so you can not defend yourself
--water use limitation on people who have dug their own wells
--water use limitation on catching rainwater for your own selfish use
--re-instituting the draft
--raising taxes on all
--importing more foreign workers
--exporting more US companies and jobs
--mandated time served in "good works"
--closing coal mines and less oil drilling
--the border stays OPEN
--maybe remove the little bit of fence that has been built (really makes it too tough on the drug dealers)
--Our S Security money for the illegals
--Amnesty for the 40 million illegals
--we pay for more classes on English
the list goes on folks. What great fun this is.

After all, Obama has said we all in USA need to learn to live on less since the rest of the world has so little. We need to share even more than all our aid programs over the years. Of course the fact that we built that with our own sweat and blood does not matter.

(Is he sharing any of his money? Is Nancy Pelosi sharing any of her $24 million? )

And especially for the Obama groupies---Uh, didn't the bible say to put your faith in GOD and not in a man? I know I heard that somewhere or other.

If you don't know what is coming, then there is an old book that will spell it out for you. If you don't know which book then you are in deep trouble.


Today was a day which tore my heart out, I saw millions of people standing in the freezing cold ready to give their all for their Hero. All with a glazed look in their eyes like something wonderful is happening and the future is so bright and hopeful. I wonder if they are ready to move lock stock and barrel into a compound and give everything they own and have worked for to the Cult Master? What is going to happen to all of these people when their world turns up side down? What will they do?

I have never made a secret out of my readiness to fight for what is mine, to protect my family and possessions, but I would never kill or destroy in a fit of anger over the betrayal of a leader. I have a deep fear that these same people with the glassy eyes and eager smiles on their faces would. If people can be so controlled and absolutely mesmerised into seeing what is not there how will they react when it finally hits them? Will they sit back and say"dang he fooled me" or will that glassy eyed stare and loving smile turn into a sneer of hatred and fuel a mass temper tantrum against their own foolishness and eagerness for a free ride ?

I was astounded to hear the news casters touting the "Kenyan Family Members" When has one of our presidents ever had a family in a different country? I am sure there some but never have the media made such a extravagant show of such a family. Up until now only Americans were our leaders, born here raised here and educated here with a love of the nation that only a true son can appreciate.

I took a drive today, in the snow, and just looked at the country side, a beautiful place we live in, a wonderous place, we should have been more protective of it and very very careful of who we put in charge of running it for us. We weren't, we allowed people to be in power by our own hand, that have totally taken away what was always the American Way. We have allowed others to put their own agendas ahead of the country, we have people in charge now that hate us all it looks like. We are low life, scum to be destroyed, along with all of our beliefs, our possessions and our family.

I sat on a ridge looking over a white valley and wondered today how this has come to be? Is it all in my own head? Am I just imagining the worst? Have I become senile in my old age? I hope that is the case and all my fears for you and me and our way of life will come to naught.

Tomorrow our home goes up for sale which will probably be a futile effort as no one is buying anything it looks like but it will be for sale. Whether we sell it or not we are preparing to leave and go to a small county in Texas and try to live like Americans, not adhering to the Global edicts from third world nations. I will not share my hard earned possessions with them any longer, I will not be paying unfair taxes to support those that will not support themselves. I will not give up my arms and I will not be chipped or marked. My animals will not be chipped and I will not be paying a carbon tax on their emmissions either. I will protect what is mine and what is my neighbors with any means necessary.

This weekend we will be going to Oakridge Tenn. to a seminar given by Michael Badnarik on the Constitution. I have been to his seminars but my husband has not and he needs to fully understand what our Constitution stands for. Tim has never met Mike and I think it is time since he will be living in a town where Mike will be the Sheriff. I am so proud of Mike, I am proud to be one of his friends, he is a real patriot, doesn't back down from what is right and is fair and honest. His Mom should be very very proud of the son she raised.

While in Tn. we will be meeting with Carl "Two Feathers" Whitticer who is running for Governor of Tn. We will be helping him with his campaign and hopefully Tn. will have a Constitutional Governor the next election. Carl will be attending the Seminar also. All of you in Tennessee please look him up and support him.

As always I urge all of you to stock up on your food supplys. Whether anything terrible happens or not the prices are going up and up and you will be in better shape to get though what ever we are going to have to weather. Remember people even good honest upright people will do drastic things when their children and family is going hungry.

I have a good book out on canning, the old fashioned and safe way, it is so easy and fullfilling to know exactly what is in the foods you are eating and feeding your family. We also have seeds left that are not tampered with, Non Gmo or Hybrids.

Visit our websites and keep tabs on what we are doing: www.freedomisnotdead.org , www.grannywarriors.com and www.rwefree.com. Watch some of those videos and think about them.

Everyone have a good week and visit your neighbors, get to know them, they may be your only help if things get bad.

We can all survive and prosper if we just use our heads, work at it and remember what it is to be a American. Washington DC does not reflect our heritage and culture. Lets work on changing that.

This is the end of this newsletter !