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Craig Thompson
01-20-2009, 02:20 PM
No marathon runner with any shred of self-respect, dignity, or hint of determination would possibly conceive of quitting a race before it was actually over, but it happens regularly in American life, and especially in American politics. If you hold the Constitution and the due process of law as a true and living standard of how the government should actually perform its duties, then you have to believe that no contest for any office is actually finished until the winner is sworn in, by taking the oath. The presidential race was not over until this afternoon, when Obama “swore to uphold the Constitution”. (Which he won’t, by the way). It was not over on November 4th, when the first returns were in, and the media called it for Obama with less than 1% reporting. McCain, for all of his talk about being a war hero, and defending the country at all costs with resolute perseverance, gave up pretty quickly in the face of only 1%. The election was also not over when the electoral college met and cast it’s votes, nor was it over when congress certified them. If anyone thinks that the presidential race was over on November 4th (and I assume that’s most residents), then it’s one more piece of evidence that the Constitution and the rule of law is no longer relevant, or applicable to the way our leaders are governed. To those who think that the electoral college voting, and having those votes certified by Congress are just quaint formalities, (and not really necessary), I say that you need to re-examine your understanding of the form of Government we live in. (Which is not a democracy, no matter how often the term is used, or by whom). The founders intended our nation to be a federal republic, not a democracy.

For these reasons, and for my unlimited and eternal conviction that the principles of freedom and liberty are the absolute only basis for American government, (and any government among men) - which allowed me to persevere and not quit until now, I am officially ceding the election, and congratulate everyone who took an active part in the political process. While I do not have much of anything positive to say about most of the people that were involved, especially the new President (and I use that term loosely in his case, as a technicality only, and not a station deserved), I still believe in the quickly fading ideals of American independence and freedom, and will always fight vigilantly to resurrect them – despite the current culture of socialist, fascist, and dictatorial policies spewing out of the cesspool that Washington has become. Just because your new fuehrer is not in military uniform, waving nazi flags, doesn’t mean that his policies are any less insidious to freedom (as the founders outlined it). In fact, a traitor like Obama is even more dangerous to our individual freedom than Hitler could ever dream of being – because he gives lip service to liberty, by using the right words, and deceives those who have neither the understanding nor desire to understand the ideas behind the words, and what standards determine the worth and efficacy of those ideas. When you tell someone that you are about to rob that you love them, and you will always pray for their safety and goodwill, and especially if you do it with a smile, you’ve disarmed them by playing to their sense of trust, and then they are ripe for thievery. A criminal is pretty easy to recognize if they come in with guns blazing, but if they come to you as friends, bearing banners of truce, and engender your trust, they make you much more vulnerable to be taken advantage of. The easiest way to defeat an enemy is from the inside. And although it takes longer, and requires the commitment of many people over many generations in the context of a country (especially one founded on principles as strong as America was), it’s obviously much harder to detect than one that wages war openly and overtly. Such is your new “leader” – the latest in a long string of wolves in sheep’s clothing. And if you think you’ve seen egregious acts against the Constitution in the last 8 years, then fasten your seatbelts, because the wave that will forever eradicate anything that our country was ever founded on hasn’t even began to crest yet. Obama has the complete support of Congress, all the citizens, and most of the rest of the world, so you can say goodbye to America. This country will never be the same as it was in its past, and the greatness that was once our glory will be forever lost in the annals of history.

Throughout the race, the only mistake I made, that I sincerely regret and apologize for, is using my allegiance to Christ as support for my belief that God’s plan for this country’s future is that of freedom. This country will not be free, and although God desires it, He cannot act inconsistently with His principles, and reward the wicked for their rebellion against Him. This country will fall under judgment for abandoning His commandments, and there is nothing that will (or can) stop that. Evil must be punished, or there would be no reward for good. I should never have said that “I will be our next President”, or that “God desires me to be the next president”, or other promises that I had no place to make. Using God’s name for purposes other than those clearly known is not my place, and although my belief in freedom is absolute, my belief that God will accomplish His plan is also absolute. God’s plans were not mine, and I should not have spoken for Him.

I dare say, no one has risked more than I have to fight for their ideals in this election. All the other candidates can go back to their former positions (not to mention those getting promotions, like Hillary), and can continue the mass deception that runs their lives. But all throughout history, men of principle and integrity have been marginalized, ignored, ridiculed, and vilified for the truth they’ve stood for. And it’s no different this time either. Like I mentioned previously, I’ve risked my reputation, my relationships with friends and family, business contacts that took 20 years to build, and every last dime of wealth that I’ve earned over many years. And although I knew the price when I started, and am not complaining about the consequences, I can at least sleep at night knowing that this country’s demise was not due to inaction – at least not on my part. Everyone else can bury their heads in the sand, evade the trends that are rampant across this nation, and even wholeheartedly support that evil. You can hope that things will get better, you can pray till the cows come home to your mistaken concept of a God that doesn’t punish rebellion, and you can think that what is happening does not apply to you.

But I’ll know that I didn’t give up our country. And others who continue to fight for freedom and liberty will know that they didn’t either. We may not have won this time, and may not win in the future before our nation, and God forbid, the entire world becomes completely overrun by the control of centralist power, but we will never stop fighting.

It’s not short-term victory that makes the fight worth fighting. If the fight is fought with sound and true principles, according to freedom and liberty, then victory is defined by the fight itself.

Eternally vigilant,

Craig Thompson

01-20-2009, 02:54 PM
If it helps you feel better, history seems to show that immoral tyrants inevitably destroy themselves with their own corruption, arrogance, and unethical behavior. ;):)