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01-20-2009, 09:55 AM
Oppose constitutional convention

Pocono Record
January 20, 2009

Right now 32 states have called for a new Constitutional Convention, just two shy from the 34 required in order to hold such a convention. What is a Constitutional Convention (otherwise known as a Con-Con)? Well, first it must be recognized that there are two ways in which amendments to the Constitution may occur. The first is through Congress, while the second is when two-thirds of the states call for a Constitutional Convention. Once the critical mass of 34 states has been reached, Congress must allow the Con-Con to occur. Never before in our nation's history has a Con-Con ever taken place, and it must be pointed out that once a Con-Con is in session, it is within their power to alter or completely abolish the U.S. Constitution because the Convention essentially makes its own rules and sets its own agenda.

Sadly, the Pennsylvania Legislature has already voted to call for a new Constitutional Convention, thus putting our Constitution in jeopardy. For all U.S. citizens who truly understand and value our Constitution, as well as the many men and women throughout our nation's past who have readily sacrificed their lives defending the principles inherent within the Constitution, I strongly suggest you demand our Legislature withdraw their previous votes calling for a new Con-Con and contact our state representatives regarding this matter.

For further information pertaining to this issue, go to youtube.com and search for "Beware of Article V (part 1 of 4)." Check out the John Birch Society's Web site at jbs.org.




01-20-2009, 05:49 PM
Keep that in mind... when overwhelmingly, by a factor of 9-1 contacted their Federal Politicians to oppose any bailouts to the Banks, Wall Street, or Big Corporate America.

the politicians wnt against the people's demands and beliefs, to do as they wish... and violate the CONSTITUTION.

Very Few representatives care or truly represent their people/districts and/or states.

Politicians mainly represent their election Bankroll, ELitist, Wealth, and/or Zionists that can control their careers, promotions, and wealth.

Washington Watch... now has become, Con-Con watch too. As governments get bigger, the people's rights get smaller/fewer