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09-12-2007, 01:09 PM
Tell them Ron Paul will be in Washington (the state) on September 14th! Hopefully this will make sure Ron Paul is covered by the media that day.

Email the message to yourself and copy these email addresses in the BCC field so they don't see all the places you sent it to.

tips@komo4news.com, Mornings@komo4news.com, robinw@keprtv.com, newsroom@keprtv.com, mikec@keprtv.com, sarad@keprtv.com, mollyk@keprtv.com, ehill@keprtv.com, chelseak@keprtv.com, aaron@kimatv.com, keithl@keprtv.com, mikem@keprtv.com, hollyz@keprtv.com, mikem@keprtv.com, hollyz@keprtv.com, robr@keprtv.com, sabrina@keprtv.com, News4@kxly.com, robin@kimatv.com, tips@kimatv.com, ehill@keprtv.com, valerie@kimatv.com, aaron@kimatv.com, sade@kimatv.com, mikem@keprtv.com, maria@kimatv.com, heather@kimatv.com, robr@keprtv.com, stu@kimatv.com, sillence@kimatv.com, sabrina@keprtv.com, rwoodson@kimatv.com, foxfeedback@q13fox.com, askus@q13FOX.com, newstips@king5.com, ksps@ksps.org, askus@myq2.com, charliepope@seattlepi.com, mike@mikewebb.org, opinion@seattletimes.com, dalbert@seattletimes.com, jvesely@seattletimes.com, artthiel@seattle-pi.com, billvirgin@seattlepi.com, dustonharvey@seattle-pi.com, janetgrimley@seattle-pi.com, johnengstrom@seattle-pi.com, johnmarshall@seattle-pi.com, cgelernter@seattletimes.com, cpucci@seattletimes.com, mwatanabe@seattletimes.com, Editor@seattlepi.com, davidmccumber@seattlepi.com, joannbyrd@seattlepi.com, johnjoly@seattlepi.com, kenbunting@seattlepi.com, ritahibbard@seattlepi.com, amacleod@seattletimes.com, dpostman@seattletimes.com, dalbert@seattletimes.com, jvesely@seattletimes.com, jhorne@seattletimes.com, jmallery@seattletimes.com, jhendron@seattletimes.com, jbalter@seattletimes.com, krosenthal@seattletimes.com, dickie@seattletimes.com, mfancer@seattletimes.com, mstanton@seattletimes.com

Please do this it takes like one minute.

09-13-2007, 11:49 AM
Hi All,

Apologies for the mass email. I did want to let you know that presidential candidate Ron Paul (R) will be in Washington in the next day or so. He's made a big splash in the Republican debates in New Hampshire and his poll and finance numbers on the upswing. If might be worth your time to check out his travel schedule and see if he might be worth your readers attention.

The Congressman's travel schedule.

Media requests should go to Jesse Benton at:


James H.

09-13-2007, 12:00 PM
Done sent to all of them............