View Full Version : 2009, plans for the future.

12-26-2008, 10:52 PM
Well 2008 is coming to a close in less than a week. We should all be thankful for each others efforts, it has been a long 12 months. We have had many victories and each of them has been big. Ron Paul did not win the presidency this year but, which one of us hasn't learned from that experience? (We got to learn more about our political process!) I think we have all learned a tremendous amount about ourselves and what we can and need to do. With so much behind us in our memory it lays the foundation for 2009 and beyond. Every one of us has a lot of potential. Is there not a better time than the upcoming year to start cracking into that potential and making it come to fruition? I'd like to know what your goals for advancing freedom in 2009 are.....sort of like a new years resolution.

My 2009 goals are to hand out more and more literature in my neighborhood. I'd like to actually be able to go to my local meetups to discuss our plans and implement them effectively unlike I was able to do before. For instance I'd like to plan events involving the Republican Party and supporting local candidates and recruiting. I also have quite a hefty reading list.

Cheers to the New Year