View Full Version : Unofficial endorsement from Joe Courtney US Congressman from CT

09-10-2007, 07:51 PM
We ran a Ron Paul booth 09/06-09/09 at our local fair. We expect we got Ron Paul's name out to an estimated 130,000 people and had an interesting visit.

Unfortunately I didn't have my video camera with me to get it on video but US congressman Joe Courtney of CT's 2nd District stopped by our booth on Saturday.

We had a decent discussion, most of which I have forgotten. The three notable parts were:

1) He commented on the new FISA bill which passed with bipartisan support. He voted against it.

2) He was really interested and somewhat surprised to see a Ron Paul booth at the fair. He openly and without encouragement from us professed that Ron Paul was a man of great integrity. He said he was a truely brave man and he had a great respect for him running for president. He also commented that he was lucky in that his office was the next door down from Ron's in Washington.

3) When asked about Hillary and Obama he wouldn't provide the same endorsement of their integrity or bravery. He wouldn't provide an endorsement of them at all in fact.

He seemed not to even know of their relation to the CFR. When I asked him how it could be that the presidential candidates, who are supposed to be running to protect our country, could be members of an organization whose stated and documented goals are the destruction of US sovereignty he was a bit disturbed.

His position was that he was not versed in the CFR and it's members but he is certainly against destruction of US sovereignty.

It could just be that we'll have the vote of Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney in the general election as well as the unofficial endorsement he gave.

09-10-2007, 08:00 PM
Thats an awesome story!!