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12-15-2008, 06:53 PM
I identify myself as a Christian although a different kind. It is my belief that there are not just Christians here on this forum, in the name of love shouldn't this Forum section be recalled more like a "Spiritual Outreach." I mean I dont think we should favor one religion over the other, you know?

I come from the esoteric sides of spirituality my journey started as a born again Christian but I have traversed the occult and esoteric not for the stereotypical demonic stuff but for the sake of love to use that power to bring our desire for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not just to ourselves but to all.

It is my belief that the problems we face in this world at this historic moment in time is a spiritual war we face. Between those of the corrupt who would rather see everyone reduced to an empty shell and those who would want the fullest potential of humanity to be realized through God. It is my belief that we should be open and welcome anyone who loves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to come here.

We fight a spiritual war... so please listen to what I have to say, all you have to do is listen nothing else, you can ignore it or run with it and share it. I ask that this section not be called just "Christian Outreach" but Spiritual Outreach.