View Full Version : Drown this thread in Pro-market Ideas

12-02-2008, 03:33 PM
Obama's change.gov site is underway and taking suggestions. Let it not be said that no one objected...

Here was my comment,

"Before you can solve any problem, you must go back and look at what caused the problem in the first place. Not just the surface cause, but the deep, underlying root cause of the issue.

In this instance, if you go back through the history of our health care problem over the past 50+ years, you can trace the issue back to when government started getting involved in health care and when companies started offering health insurance instead of a pay raise because of high taxes. Perhaps the answer to our health care issue does not lie in adding a government solution to a government created problem, but instead removing the government from the problem which it created in the first place. Let the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans solve this problem in the free market amongst ourselves, rather then turning to a centralized, collectivist system. Do not fall into the trap that believing our current system is even close to a 'free market' system, it simply is not."