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11-14-2008, 04:31 PM
This documentary about Larry Flynt was on last night on IFC (http://www.ifc.com/movies/mv002081340000/larry-flynt-the-right-to-be-left-alone.php).

I only caught the end half of it but when I started watching it it had the infamous debate video of Ron Paul vs Rudy.

I was like, Flynt <3 Paul? :O!

It went on to oppose a lot of what we oppose (mainstream media, war, anti-freedom, etc. etc.) It was interesting. He apparently had a journalist in the war and made the government embed journalist? or something. i dono.

but ya.

03-08-2011, 03:56 PM
Good documentary.

Indy Vidual
03-08-2011, 04:03 PM
He was an evangelical Christian for one year, converted in 1977 by evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton, the sister of President Jimmy Carter. He stated that he became "born again" and that he had a vision from God while flying with Stapleton in his jet. He continued to publish his magazine, however, vowing to "hustle for God."[19][20] He has since declared himself an atheist.[21][22]

Flynt disowned his eldest daughter, Tonya Flynt-Vega, after she became a Christian anti-pornography activist. In her 1998 book Hustled, she claims that Flynt sexually abused her as a child, often calling her names.[23] Flynt has denied the charges, claiming to have passed a polygraph test and to be in possession of a tape recording of his daughter admitting she made up the accusations for money.[24]

In 1994 Flynt bought a Gulfstream II private jet, which was used in the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt. In 2005 he replaced it with a Gulfstream IV. He currently resides in the Hollywood Hills.

Flynt has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.[25]


I never knew Larry was Bi... :p