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11-06-2008, 07:16 PM
I dont buy the argument that BObama is an empty suit or the anti-christ.

Here is an unquestionable fact I do know:

The election/campaign/movement was "rigged" "fixed" by the democrats/republicans/main street media (MSM) the illuminati and the masses to get BO and democrats elected in a "landslide" Campaign geared to make BO and democrats look good and republicans look bad. Truth vs Ignorance, Hope vs Fear, Vision vs Darkness. That the election was "fixed" is a fact and have tons of proof to back it up.

Here are just a few of the 100s I have collected:

“You would be so surprised to find out what we found out, even in the last couple of days, 11th hour of this campaign, after two years,” Ms. Palin said. “Eleventh hour here, and more and more light though. Thank the Lord, more and more light is being shown on his plans!”


Closing Arguments:

Nov 4th stuff

Palin in her own words on Taxes:

Obama=McCain on ALL policy issues including abortion and gay rights. A vote for one is a vote for the other.

REAL QUESTION IS, why would the republicans be handing over power to BO and the democrats. Putting aside the last 30 years of corruption, greed, war, poverty, corporate domination, environmental destruction, lies, religious perversty, guilt, crimes and in particular the last 8 years, ignore all of that for a few minutes.

Why would republicans be handing over power and making themselves look ignorant, hateful, liars, selfish etc. Why do it?

I can only think of 2 reasons, but would love to hear more...

a) Obama and Democrats put into power to maintain the status quo. Republicans are simply letting Democrats have a turn at the wheel. This is true, but given democrats agenda ie social/energy reform, Handing over power like this so completely and utterly is astounding. If Obama being put in power to maintain Status quo, which is possible, I cannot see how or why people like Oprah Winfrey/Bill Gates/Google/Buffet/TBPickens/Clintons/entire Main Street Media (MSM) including YOUTUBE are endorsing Obama. If you listen to EVERYTHING Obama has been saying, ie ALL his speeches and interviews, he sounds a lot, if not identical to The zeitgeist movement and the venus project. Now this could be a ruse, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who intends to create a full blown fascist state with one leader and one party rule (that is a scare tactic IMO) Except for these simple facts 1) “Who is Barack Obama” He is exactly the person the democrats and republicans have been saying he is. 2) Who is endorsing him and the movement they created with the democrats and republicans help in this campaign/election to bring the people with them. Proof the election was rigged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF5Kdm4Eu6w “Country First, Reform We Need”

b) At its core, Obama/Democrats/Republicans etc intend to move the US from a money based economy to a resource based
Economy as described in these films. The Republicans and the Democrats conspired together to engineer the current world economic crisis in order to help facilitate this by allowing easy access to loans. Further, they allowed Bush to steal the 2000 election, to manufacture 9-11, to invade Afganistan and Iraq, to pass the Patriot Act, to create the Department of Homeland Security, to steal the 2004 election etc. etc. Congress has never fully investigated 9-11. All of these things have been done DELIBERATELY by both the Republicans and the Democrats to make the US “shitty enough to make Social Progress.” They have been laying the groundwork for this moment for 30 years, starting with Jimmy Carter but the US was not ready for Carter.

In other words, the democrats + the republicans (who control the state) and the MSM (which controls public opinion) are
Socially engineering move to a resource based economy as described in these films. The only thing the zeitgeist movement does not control is the market. They cannot control the market, only the people can control the market. So, this means they will go very slowly and carefully. Their strategy will be market focused unlike the depression in the 1930s. They will be very careful to keep the market stabilized as they slowly implement this radical shift to a resource based economy. The zeitgeist movement completely controls public opinion, they control the police, the military and probably bunch of other arms of power cant think of right now which are all necessary to implement this change. Again, the only thing they don’t control is the market.

Now this may all sound ridiculous and fantastical, except for the overwhelming amount of evidence that this is EXACTLY what has been going on for the last 30 years and in high gear for the last 8 years, all building to this moment. The evidence is so overwhelming I cannot find anything to contradict this other than “Obama is next Hitler” and intends to maintain the status quo. The problem with this argument is: a) “Who is Barack Obama” b) Who is supporting him. Now that the zeitgeist movement has taken over the reigns of power in Washington, it no longer matters who is the leader or the President. Quite literally, Obama could be assassinated today and it would still go on. The movement is larger and greater than one person, one individual. It is a collective consciousness that agrees the US and the world is going in the wrong direction and needs change. Obama is simply the most ideal spokesman to the people right now. He does not write his speeches, but he does deliver them well. He is an “empty suit” he is a part of a movement for change that people need. If he his killed, or many are killed by the CIA, the military, corporate jackals, foreign/domestic entities, others will take over and continue. In fact, if he his killed or sacrificed it will further the zeitgeist movement and accelerate change. By building this movement among the elites, the media, the people etc, Obama does not have the power to become the next “Hitler” He would have to turn his back on the movement he helped create, professes to support, which brought him to power, and become an “individual” which is counter to everything he has been saying. If he did this, the movement would assassinate him themselves and someone else would take over, ie Joe Biden. If Biden tried to become Hitler he would be assassinated and Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid would take over and so on. It has become an unstoppable force. This is why the republicans have been saying that Obama/Reid/Pelosi are taking over the reigns of power.

So, what does this mean fundamentally? Obama/Democrats/Republicans goal is to eliminate money from society and create a resource based economy as described in these films. Up until 2000, republicans were opposed to making this change and fought against it, then when Bush stole the election they agreed to work with the democrats to engineer an economic/military/social crisis to implement this change. They have both worked together, side by side ever since, to allow Bush to do whatever he wanted and deliberately not fought against it in order let Bush and the old republican party hang itself, make itself despised by the people.

This “election” is only the beginning of that. When the truth comes out about Reagan (much loved but now conveniently dead) who engineered Jimmy Carters downfall by manipulating Iran, George H Bush (who assassinated JFK and invaded Iraq) and George W Bush (whose record is self-evident) the elimination of the “old” republican party will be complete.

I am still in process of trying to work out exactly what is happening, but 99.9999% sure am on the right track. As said, the evidence is just too overwhelming, there is so much of it cannot even begin to lay it all out.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

By the way, I only just started to figure this all out last Friday, October 31st 12:00PM PST when saw Obama interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. That was first time had concrete proof something very serious was up throughout entire campaign/movement. Was very suspicious given all the hints, ie Palin, “Whack Job” “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” etc. etc. as seemed something very very odd going on but was not able to start putting it all together until saw that interview and the 6 hours that followed. 12:00pm – 6:00pm PST October 31st on CNN.

I had never even heard of the zeitgeist movement until yesterday
and it was only after seeing those films that in my opinion this is the logical endgame of this movement. Further, Ron Paul is a participant in this. His role is to play the "independant" in order to articulate what the world should look like. Ron Paul is the endgame.

So, in conclusion, logically if you accept that the election was "fixed" which I do, then you must logically conclude it was "fixed" for one of 2 reasons as stated above.

Unless someone can come up with a 3rd reason?

Something very controversial...religon. Personally I cannot figure out if AP and BO saying his grandmother died or even has cancer is true or false. There are arguments to be made for both. I think religon is the largest obstacle is this movement/change to a resource based economy. How does BO/Demo/Republicans/MSM etc handle religon?

Simple...expose it as a falsehood. This is an EXTREMELY risky move and must be done very carefully and timed perfectly. I suspect if his grandmother has not died nor does she even have cancer. We likely will not find this out until 2012. She will be kept hidden for the next 4 years. I also now suspect that Tom Cruise is not a Church of Scientology fanatic, same with John Travolta, they in fact both Ron Paul fanatics who embedded themselves in extreme cult sects in order to expose and denouce the falsehood of those cults. This may sound like some massive conspiracy, but in fact it is a movement for change.

Some evidence this is direction going is timing of Bill Mahers "Religulous" Oliver Stones "W" the upcoming movie about killing Hitler (Bush) Or these discussions about Faith and Religon on FoxNews:


Ron Paul did not run to win, he ran to bring people along in this movement as well.

The corporate elite like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan might think they are buying another election, but they are not. They backed both Republicans and Democrats in order to edge their bets.

It appears to me, ALL of the US political parties are
involved in this movement, the republicans, democrats, Ron Paul, the constitution party etc are all involved, are all in agreement, all want the same things. I cannot see any difference between them other than rhetoric, ie Ron Paul. Yesterday at a news conference Howard dean said something very interesting, he said in the next election people will vote out those who do not work together to solve problems both in the US and in the world. I think this is very true.

All of these parties and their leaders worked together to show the american people what they had in common, not what the differences are.

Clinton a year ago:

Christopher Hutchins yesterday called it the "Zeitgeist Election"

While still playing their part in social engineering and rhetoric...ie questioning BO character which is a load of rubbish and praising the fantastic actor Palin. When independant reporters questioned the citizens of Alaska and Wasilla about Palin their response was "Thats not Sarah Palin" "I dont know who that is"

Some Norman Schwarzkopf quotes:
"I admire men of character and I judge character not by how men deal with their superiors, but mostly how they deal with their subordinates. And that, to me, is where you find out what the character of a man is"

“One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.”

This shows the character and leadership of BO and SPalin. Sarah Palin did all she could to lead her followers to BO and they, the MSM are still at it today.

This was a "Zeitgeist Election"


Look forward to some feedback about this and someone to prove me wrong or "Talk Me Down"

11-06-2008, 07:37 PM
I wouldn't get too carried away but you are free to do as you like. Regarding "proof", you lost me at Hank Williams Jr.

But seriously I will try to get to this massive amount of material in short order.;)

11-06-2008, 07:41 PM
Oh, I have a couple of things: did you write all that?

And, on the links you provide as proof, a chronological account of some sort, what exactly am I looking for? Can you point me to a specific sentence or something that really meant something to you?

I want to believe, I just need ... convincing. Thanks.

11-06-2008, 07:56 PM
One more thing, if you are 99.9999% sure you are on the right track, you are missing something. Are taking LSD? Because if you are, you know it's jacked with speed don't you? I'd lay off for a couple weeks and take some vitamins, co-Q10, alpha-lipoic acid, and moderated doses of vitamin E. Get some sleep too, it does wonders. Blueberries are an excellent food. I am not a doctor, so I'm not giving medical advice.

Um, are you a religious nut? If so that can play havoc with your sense of End Times. The world will be around a very, very long time. We need you. And we need you sane. I like that you are researching this stuff and it should provide perspective. But it's not the final truth. It never is. Hope to see you on the other side of this episode.

Finally, all this stuff about Obama being stable and McCain being unstable is not scripted. Ron Paul was not "Playing his role". There are very real forces at work and the opponents fought as hard and as dirty and as clean as they were able. There were no phone calls between presidential candidates and elite reptilians. Plueff and Axelrod were in the trenches fighting with Rove and Davis. It's all going to be okay.

11-06-2008, 09:19 PM
yes i wrote all this and yes these are my thoughts, my sole opinion. I have yet to convince anyone other than my wife I am right. Its is only by gathering and putting all the pieces together which have been doing to work out exactly what happened and why. I only starting seeing this unravel last Friday Oct 31st 12:00pm, the greatest "October Surprise" ever.

"Regarding proof" I can give you 100+ more youtube clips, documents etc but if I do they may be pulled....as youtube/google is very much in on this movement as well.

Just read the "closing argument" sections of the NYTimes links posted.

Saying that Obama stable/McCain unstable was not scripted is ludicrous, but understandable. I am not blind nor have I been brainwashed by the MSM. The only thing unscripted about McCain and Palin performance was that they were improvising.

"Finally, all this stuff about Obama being stable and McCain being unstable is not scripted. Ron Paul was not "Playing his role". There are very real forces at work and the opponents fought as hard and as dirty and as clean as they were able. There were no phone calls between presidential candidates and elite reptilians. Plueff and Axelrod were in the trenches fighting with Rove and Davis. It's all going to be okay."

This statement says it all and could just as easily been spoken by BO himself.