View Full Version : Saxyby Chambliss, Dean Martin, and Allen Buckley U.S. Senate Race

11-05-2008, 11:55 PM
There is a battle raging between the neocons and libertarians in Georgia.

Georgia is a libertarian stronghold. There were reports all the way back to the 90s that the Republican Party had plans to destroy the Libertarian Party from within by planting delegates and candidates. I sat and listened as a delegate to Ron Crickenberger, former national political director of the Libertarian Party, give a passionate speech about the subject at a Georgia Libertarian Party convention.

My dad even told me today that he knows some people who were asked to serve as Libertarian Party delegates for the Republican Party at a Republican political meeting.

The Battle of Georgia, USA, between the neocons and libertarians goes deeper than just their plant, Bob Barr, who the Libertarian Party ran a campaign against in 2002, at the top of the Libertarian Party ticket and his snubbing of Ron Paul.

It seems that Saxby Chambliss (R), Allen Buckley (L), and Dean Martin (D) are all part of the battle to not only destroy the Libertarian Party but to destroy the Fair Tax as well, which is another cause supported by both real Libertarians and real Republicans in Georgia.

They key to puzzle does not just fall on the fact that Saxby Chambliss was weakly debating for the Fair Tax while both Dean Martin and Allen Buckley (!!!!) were campaigning so hard against the Fair Tax. It falls on the fact that all the Republicans running for U.S. Congress, even the Fair Tax supporters, voted against the bailout bill while Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isaakson both voted for the bailout bill.

The whole Saxby Chambliss, Allen Buckley, and Dean Martin race for the U.S. Senate was about demonizing the Fair Tax. The smoking gun is Saxby Chambliss voting for the bailout bill despite huge opposition to the bill. Saxby Chambliss knew he was going down because of his support of the banker bailout bill. So he participated in taking down the Libertarian Party and the Fair Tax with him.

And Dean Martin is a neocon plant too. He is no different than George W. Bush and Barack Obama. So there were no good candidates in the Georgia U.S. Senate race. They were all neocons. They were all puppets for the Al Qaeda Federal Reserve terrorists.

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