View Full Version : Questions surround missing ballot pages, scanner malfunctions

11-05-2008, 12:22 PM
I am avoiding MSM today so I haven't heard if there are any other widespread voting problems like here in the Tampa Florida area. We are STILL counting votes. Last night all of the machines that held the early votes were having "issues", and then the day's machines that were still at the precincts had "software issues" that prevented them from relaying their tallies via internet so someone had to drive the machines (unprotected?) to the election headquarters. They worked until late night when some judge told them to go home and come back today, and they are still counting. We have a buffoon of an elections supervisor who is up for re-election, he is currently tied 50/50, hopefully he loses. Anyway reports of problems such as these are rampant in the area:

Ballot Fedding Machine Jammed Pollworker broke seals to "open" the machine. Used key to open several areas including main storage for ballots. Straightened ballots that were twisted. Message still intact. Questioned whether breaking seals were allowed-Janice, pollworker responded Yes. Asked if there was a reset button-Janice said no. Advised a call should be made to SOE's office @ Faulkenburg. Other pollworker went to place call on the landline. Janice found a small lid, lifted it & found a reset button. Jam message cleared.
I was concerned ballot integrity was compromised. Tried to call but had to send e-mail to SOE office to report incident. Also called local Republican Office."

Scanner was not working according to poll workers. had to slide ballot into a slot below scanner, and was told they would be scanned later. This did not allow for the machine to determine errors, etc."
The Scanner kept jamming so they just stuck all ballots into the side of the machine. Not even sure if my ballot will get counted"
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