View Full Version : Some interresting results in Arkansas...

11-05-2008, 08:20 AM
Now this is with only 36% reporting but check out how close all the third party candidates were.

Notice that Nader is just about beating all the other third party candidates combined as an independant?

Also notice how very poorly the lib candidate (Barr) is doing compared to all the hype of the Lib party up to now?

Interresting indeed...

Ralph Nader Matt Gonzalez Independent 7,898 1.11% 0

Bob Barr Wayne A. Root Libertarian 2,980 0.42%

Charles O. Baldwin Darrell L. Castle Constitution 2,489 0.35% 0

Cynthia A. McKinney Rosa A. Clemente Green 2,184 0.31% 0

Gloria LaRiva Eugene Puryear Socialism & Liberation 715 0.10% 0