View Full Version : Connecticut Constitution Convention Fails 60 to 40%

11-05-2008, 08:19 AM
Ron Paul Republicans should start to work on increasing the 40% margin for support of the constitution in upcoming legislation in Connecticut. I highly suggest Ron Paul Republicans move from Election to Legislation. Get a focused agenda relating to education and the child welfare system. Break up the monopoly and introduce bills focused on full informed consent and liberty for each child entering into the public education system and the child welfare system. (The Hatch Amendment is a great base in which to focus on, I highly suggest you google and use as framework for informed consent and the right to refuse to participate in government run failed psychiatric programs, which we are paying huge tax dollars for in every State)

Connecticut is a great place to start because most of the national programs that Obama supports have already been here in Connecticut and have FAILED. All we need to do is put a light to the failed programs in Connecticut and expose to the rest of the nation.

The Billion Dollar FAILED child welfare system is a great place to start. In addition Ron Pauls national posting of Universal Health Care failure in HI.

Ron Paul Repubicans RULE!;)