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11-05-2008, 02:04 AM
Here at UNH there was a lot of election stuff in your face all day. I woke up today at 6am because some people had stuck Obama flyers all over my door. My favorite was one that said, "The wave of change is stil growing!" It made me laugh, what a load of bullshit lol. People chalked all around campus to vote for Obama. People were outside asking if you voted, and who you would vote for if you hadn't. I had a friend who went to vote around 5pm, and went to one of the shuttles, or excuse me, an Obama-mobile, excuse me, a socialist-mobile. When she asked if my friend was voting Obama and he said no, she asked if that means he's voting for McCain. My friend replied no. The girl was confused and asked how my friend could possibly vote. Because there are only two parties right? lol

After Obama won and gave his speech, you could hear a lot of noise outside, people yelling and scream, horns beeping. Then a large, large crowd started to amass near the main building on campus near the flagpole and they ended up holding a mini rally. We had front row seats, my dorm was across the street from it. They said all these hopeless chants about hope, yes we can (isn't that like the most unoriginal campaign slogan?), change, and obama, and USA (should be USSA now). I wanted to say, cmon guys be honest and replace the American flag with the Soviet flag. Be aware of what you're supporting. It was pretty sad, and I'm ashamed of all my peers here at UNH. There was the occasional loud shout of "OBAMA SUCKS" every now and then, which was funny.

So then my friends and I played Super Smash Bros for a while. What a load of fail this election.

11-05-2008, 02:17 AM
Well you and your friends rock. Ever since the fail that was the New Hampshire Republican primary, I've wondered if the whole "live free or die" motto was just a lie. I haven't been convinced otherwise. Nevertheless it's people like yourself that give me hope. Liberty isn't dead, but we will have to fight for it. It's reassuring to come to these forums and find those among the masses whose minds have been opened.

11-05-2008, 02:18 AM
That sucks to have to witness a rally of 'change'.