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Craig Thompson
11-04-2008, 11:43 PM
As certain people are exploding into an orgy of self-congratulation, and what they call hope - Obama has been called as the President Elect. Far from a concession speech, I am notifying everyone of my intentions and plans for the future.

I will have all my write-in votes counted, for the sake of documentation. I have 2 that I know of, from people that have told me already. I havenít asked people who they voted for - those are only the ones who volunteered the information. And Iím sure there are others, given that the 2 that told me were a complete shock to me. But if it only ends up being 2, then everything that Iíve done in the last 4 weeks has been absolutely worth it. To those 2, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and with every fiber of Patriotism I have to give. And before certain of you start to laugh, how many people do you know personally that have ever run for the office of the Presidency, and how many votes have they ever gotten? How many votes have each of you ever gotten? How many of you have ever had the courage to attempt it? How many of you think that youíd ever be ready for a challenge even half as big as something with that much responsibility?

The people laughing right now are the parasites, the moochers, the second-handers, who continue to feed off of the effort of those of us who take the responsibility of our lives for ourselves, and not try to put that responsibility on others. We are those who create wealth, by the product of our own effort, on our own terms Ė and trade freely with those who want to exchange that wealth. We do not force our views or our money on anyone Ė we do not use the point of a gun, in the form of the federal government, to force others to spend their money in a certain way. We do not hold up the American public with socialist, fascist, or any other statist policies. We are the true Independents, the true Patriots, the true Americans. Barack Obama, you are not American. You are a traitor to the ideals upon which this country was founded. John McCain, you are not American. Karl Rove, (who I just saw saying that itís good for this country to have Obama as President), you are not American. You all only say you are, but words are absolutely meaningless in the face of contradictory actions and policies. The testimony of two or three witnesses is true. The test of honesty is when a personís words and actions are consistent. A lot of people claim to be American, but itís much more than a citizenship, or a residency within certain geographic borders that makes a person an American. America is an idea Ė itís a ideal Ė itís something that thousands upon thousands fought for, bled for, and died for in the beginning, and itís what thousands upon thousands of our young men and women think theyíre fighting and dying for still. This country will continue to decline into destruction until we all realize what the Constitution is really about. Donít even think for one second that the long-term effects of an Obama presidency will be positive in any way, shape or form.

With Obama as President, and a majority in Congress who no longer believe in the Constitution (democrats and republicans both), what will continue to happen under socialist and fascist policies is that our civil liberties will continue to be eroded, our freedom to speak out against the government will continue to disappear, and our economy in the long-term, will be absolutely desolate. We may see short-term gains, like a person who takes out a ton of debt right away, but you cannot create lasting wealth by continuing to borrow Ė which Obama has pledged to do. Who is he (and Henry Paulson, and George Bush, and Neil Kashkari, and Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi) borrowing from? Itís me, and people like me, who will not take it any longer. Those of us who create wealth, not demand that others give it to us. Those of us who work our fingers to the bone, in order to enjoy the freedom that wealth can provide. Those of us who are self-starters, independent thinkers, willing to swim against the stream, and who stand up for their rights. We are those WHO SAY NO. No to the looters, no to the moochers, no to the socialists, no to the fascists, and . . . NO to those who support them.

If you donít think that the looting of the upper class is taking place, consider a reaction by a woman who this afternoon said that she wonít have to pay her mortgage now, and that sheíll finally be able to ďbreatheĒ, without the government suffocating her anymore. Look also to whatís happened all throughout history in different countries that have given up their freedom, in the name of Country. Germany under Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, and Russia under Stalin and Lenin Ė all were virtually identical to whatís happening in this country, right now. Donít say weíre not quite there yet Ė even if that were true, weíre moving in that direction!!! What does that say about the man (and I use that term loosely) who was just elected?? King George Bush completely eroded our ability to speak out, and Dictator Obama is no different. When held to a different standard Ė that of the Constitution, Obama and McCain looked exactly the same. This is the biggest problem with American politics currently Ė a false alternative, (when held to the standard of the Constitution anyway).

Throughout my campaign, Iíve been completely outspoken about the truth. Iíve been supported by the true Patriots, and Iíve been merely watched by people who only *think* theyíre American but would never do a thing about it. But Iíve been denounced by people that have previously been acquaintances, threatened by those who used to be friends, and even physically attacked. None of this has stopped me Ė itís only made me stronger, and if any of you think that youíve seen someone that you perceive to be crazy, and that you canít relate to anymore, doing things that you donít agree with, then just wait . . . you havenít seen a thing yet. Iíll never initiate physical violence against anyone, or destroy any property, and as yet, will not respond to physical violence with violence of my own Ė but a day is coming when I will not refrain from fighting back, even it entails the sacrifice of my life, in order to fight for freedom. I believe in it with all my heart Ė all my soul Ė and have been given spiritual freedom from Christ. I have no qualms about defending Him, or freedom in the government, under the threat of death. Donít even try to tempt me.

I will continue to fight for the ideals that Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and all other true Patriots throughout human history upheld. And I will do it without apology, without compromise, and without backing down. If any of you do not want to battle against me, then do not ask questions. Because if you do, I will be obliged to tell you the truth. If you donít ask, I wonít bring it up. I wonít volunteer the information to people that I know for a fact are in rebellion against the ideals of America. I do not wish to harm anyone, or stir up arguments. I will refrain from speaking, but do not try to argue with something I know to be right, and know to be true. You will get mad, you will get offended, and you will wish you never asked the question Ė just like you have this entire time. You will continue to react that way if you bring up the subjects of either Christ, or American Freedom. Iíll defend both with all I have, until the day I die.

I will continue to pray for American ideals winning this country back to its former state . . . but I will start praying, harder than I ever have, for judgment to fall upon every single person that is advocating socialism, fascism, dictatorship, and any other variants of statism. Iím a forgiving person, and so is God. But violation of His principles will undoubtedly reap consequences, and if an entire country is in rebellion to them, then the whole country will also reap those consequences as a whole.

To those of you who voted for me, thank you. For those of you who voted for anyone else, thank you for being part of the democratic process, which is so crucial to the survival of this country Ė (even if it was for someone who will only make the situation worse). For those of you who are eligible to vote, but didnít, that is your right as an American Ė and if you did it because you didnít see anyone worth voting for, then Iím not surprised. For those of you who are not eligible, continue to fight for the ideals of American Independence until you are eligible. And to each and every American, (citizen or not) - and Iím speaking to those who are the true Patriots, regardless of nationality, citizenship, spiritual beliefs, or party affiliation . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me, each in your own ways, to continue to fight for the truth, fight for Freedom, and fight for every single one of our rights, our principles, and this great Republic of ours.

In all Patriotism, and sincere promise to eternally fight for Freedom,
Craig Thompson

p.s. Ė just tonight, I discovered an article that I forgot being interviewed for last week in New York. They didnít quote me completely verbatim, but close enough. What I said is that different translations still have the truth of Godís word because the principles are still there, and the Truth remains, because God canít lie, and different translations donít make His word inconsistent. If youíd like to see this online, then go to time.com and search for bible Ė itís second on the list.

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The Campaign to Elect Craig Thompson President 2008

Grimnir Wotansvolk
11-05-2008, 02:35 AM
oh for fuck's sake.


11-05-2008, 08:19 AM
It's easy to come across as stable on a forum like this with welll written and long-winded speeches. People who've never met you are very easily convinced that you are worth listening too. Truth be said, you are in fact a very intelligent man with great writing skills. Unfortunately you are also a mentally disturbed person who is in need of professional help.

We ( friends, family and aquaintances) have been reading your self-indulgent political babble throughtout the past few months with nothing but concern for your well-being. Your bi-polar characteristics have taken you from a productive architect to a delusional "candidate for president." Unfortunately your last email crossed some serious lines of disrespect. We can only hope that these following words that have not been posted on this forum are not your true beliefs but also some small part of you that needs healing. Most of us know you carry the guilt of having committed many of the following acts that you now judge so harshly.

Regardless if a person is pro-choice or pro-life the following words by Craig Thompson are shocking and demeaning to all woman:

My stance on abortion is not only a belief in biblical commandments, but
it's also based on a scientific defense of a baby being human at the point
of conception. What determines life is blood. If there's blood, there's
life. If there's no blood, there's no life. At the point of conception,
the sperm and the egg meet, and there is blood, so there is life. And at
that point, the two separate living (but non-human) entities join to become
human, right then and there. That's all that is needed, from that point on,
for that baby to eventually form into a full-grown adult. Nothing else is
needed, so at that point, the fetus has rights. The womb isn't even
necessarily needed, because test tube babies are born all the time. Call it
Mother Nature, God, or whatever name you choose for it, but the process
works so that the womb is better suited than a test tube. The basic
ingredients of the recipe are there at the point of conception though, and
that is what defines the child as human at that point.

Now we don't go around saying that a murderer of a 13 year old has rights,
and if we outlaw murder, then we violate the criminal's rights. Why then,
do we confuse an issue, and claim that a woman has rights over her body,
while ignoring the rights of another person, (the child in her womb). I
believe in the right to life of every single person. 100 year olds, 30 year
olds, 2 year olds, 1 day olds, and 1 second olds (at the point of
conception). We do have rights to our own body, but we can only exercise
those if we are not violating others' rights at the same time. We can jog,
and exercise our right over our own bodies to stay fit, but we can't legally
do it while running on top of a bunch of toddlers' heads. We can lift
weights, but not legally, if we are dropping those weights on our neighbors
toes. We can take self-defense classes, but we are violating others' rights
if we start dropkicking every person we see in order to practice our
techniques in real life situations.

A woman does have reproductive rights - the right to either procreate or
not. If she doesn't want to have a child, then she doesn't have to. She
doesn't have to have unprotected sex, protected sex, or any sex at all. But
if she does, she is putting herself at risk. Same as if I start a business,
I am putting myself at risk. I'm risking not only failure, but also risking
success. If I happen to become successful, through the application of sound
financial principles, then I don't complain that I've made all this money
now, and what in the world am I going to do, because I never really wanted
this money in the first place? If I didn't want the money, then I shouldn't
have started working. If the woman didn't want a child, she shouldn't have
taken the risk. An ironic observation in this context is that the socialist
argument in business is that if a business owner fails, they should not have
to face the consequences of that failure. It should be up to the rest of us
to help that person out, even if it's against our will. We should be forced
(through taxes) to bail out the failures of bad financial decisions. I have
no tolerance for this point of view. I believe in the self-reliance of the
individual, and it's up to them to face the consequences (of success or
failure). And if they're successful, they get to keep their wealth. We
live in a country that is increasingly punishing success, and rewarding
failure. Same as abortion. Roe vs. Wade punishes the success of God's
creation, while rewarding the failure of a woman to make good decisions in
regards to her body. Women don't have to sleep around. They don't have to
have sex outside of marriage, and they don't have to have sex at all if
they're trying not to get pregnant. There are multiple options, such as
having tubes tied, a man having a vasectomy, condoms, birth-control pills,
birth-control shots, ring-type contraceptives, and the list goes on and on.
With all these options, there are no excuses for pregnancy within consensual
sexual relations.

Let's consider the scenario where a woman is raped now (non-consensual sex).
These cases are rare, compared to those cases that are due to
irresponsibility, but let's consider the source of the problem, instead of
arguing based on a hypothetical (apart from its fundamental problems). How
does a woman get raped? At a club, where someone slips something into her
drink? Late night jogging, and being accosted by a deviant pervert?
Dressing provocatively, and rousing the lusts of their guy friends? Name
any other situation where a woman can get raped, and most of them are due to
a previously irresponsible decision. Now I am not saying that those women
"had it coming to them". Nothing justifies rape, and nothing can ever
excuse it. Men (or women) who sexually assault another should be severely
punished. I believe, in this instance, in an eye for an eye. Send them to
prison, where rape is committed on a regular basis, especially towards those
who are there for that crime. What I am saying about those rape situations
though, is that in most of the present day contexts where it happens, the
woman could have made better decisions, and avoided the risk. Let's help to
educate women about making more intelligent choices with their social
behavior, than punishing innocent life because of their bad decisions.

And in the least common situations now, let's consider a completely innocent
girl, that just happens to be in a situation, which through no fault of her
own, is raped. A 16 year old walking home from school in a low-income part
of town gets accoste/ol/web/webmail/bin/tnef: unrecognized option `--save-body'
Try '/ol/web/webmail/bin/tnef --help' for more info.
d by sexual criminals. She becomes pregnant, and is
faced with a decision. Does she have an abortion, or does she give birth to
the child, and then either decide to give it up to adoption, or raise it?
She didn't ask for a child, she didn't put herself at risk sexually, or
socially, or make any decisions except a noble one - to go to school in
order to better educate herself. Now, in order to justify abortion in this
context, you necessarily have to view the pregnancy as a punishment that she
didn't deserve, and that she is within her rights to obtain justice for.
But the pregnancy is not the crime. The rape was the crime - let's not
confuse the 2. If a pregnancy occurs due to the enactment of a crime, then
why would it necessarily be an outrage to view the pregnancy as a gift? The
rape was certainly not a gift, but maybe the child is. Maybe it's not, but
as long as there is a chance that it is, then that necessitates the
separation of 2 issues that are unfairly combined into one issue. Now, I
don't view the pregnancy as a punishment (or a crime) - and that's because I
don't think she was doing anything wrong to deserve it. I view the rape as
a crime, which the criminals should be severely punished for. Therefore, I
view the pregnancy as a gift, while seeing the rape as the evil that is was.
Now that the pregnancy is a gift, she can decide to return the gift, or
accept it. And returning the gift (in the form of abortion), is committing
murder in order to try to bring justice to a rape. It's doing something
worse, justified by something not as bad. A rape is a horrible violation to
a woman's rights, but murder is even worse. I don't believe that two wrongs
make a right, or that an even more horrible crime is justified because a
lesser crime was committed.

If we had a criminal justice system in this country that held to the
integrity of upholding the law, and punishing criminals severely, then rape
crimes would go down much lower than they are now. The only way to stop
crimes is through the law. The law is in place not only for criminals, but
for law-abiding citizens as well - to punish the criminal, and protect the
innocent. When the criminal is protected though, and the innocent is
punished, through various misapplied "civil" liberties, and "criminal's
rights", then you see the rise in crime. It's virtually condoned at that
point. Then more people commit rape, and if pregnancy occurs as a
consequence of those rapes, then you need to condone murder, so that the
victim of the rape can abort the child. Every problem has a source, and the
source of this problem is the reversal of justice, at every level. Causes
have effects, and you cannot escape that law of nature.

In all Love, Equality, and Justice

Craig Thompson

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The Committee to Elect Craig Thompson President 2008


11-05-2008, 12:27 PM
Great post, Craig.

Craig Thompson
11-05-2008, 02:27 PM
If you notice, the people who claim to advocate "tolerance" actually have the most virile, hateful attacks against those who are unashamed about the message of truth. They claim that you need to have an open mind, but it's only so they can fill it with their deception and lies. We need to have an active mind, not an open one. An active mind with laser-sharp discernment in order to tell when we're being lied to, and for what reasons. Their intentions are not good, they are not just innocent people caught up in the wrong message, unknowingly. If they were, they'd repent, and see the truth for what it is. Just like we did - we saw truth, and we are holding it up as a banner, that will we fight for until the day we die. We are not afraid of trading our lives if necessary, because we know that ultimately, our rewards are not on this earth. We will not take our own lives, but if self-righteous hypocritical deceivers happen to, then that's on them, and they will face God one day to account for what they've done. When a person fights against the truth, they are fighting against God Himself. Good luck to them on that one.

We have a Freedom that transcends earthly kingdoms, material possesions, all the wealth in the world, or any sort of temporary joy, happiness, strength, or identity that earthly objects can give us. The freedom that Christ provides is that of being free of the power of sin in our lives, of being free of others' manipulation of our words and actions, free of the power of death that they may try to take our lives with. If you look at the Matrix movies through the perspective that Christ is The One, and is offering to free us with His salvation, then you'll also see that the true Christians are the ones who have had fear and inner turmoil eradicated inside, and are now facing the external persecution that comes with identifying with Him.

Luke 21:12-19

This is why I am against organized religion - I've never seen it do anything but harm, and enslave the minds of people who continue to be blinded to the truth. True Christianity is a personal relationship with Christ, not a group mentality that looks to each other as justified through an acknowlegement of a historical fact. Even the demons believe that He died on the cross - they know it to be true, because that is what convicts and judges them. And it's religion who killed Christ. Self-serving, hypocritical, self-righteous religious leaders who wanted to be seen as righteous by others, because they knew they weren't actually righteous before God. They killed Him, the killed the apostles, and they continue to persecute the true believers to this day. Nowadays, they masquerade as believers, using Christ's name - they call themselves Christians, but are not even close. They call themselves Catholic, while completely ignoring Christ's commandments. And they will be the ones to usher in a new age of killing all the true disciples of Christ. I don't care who says anything, including friends, acquaintences, or outright enemies. They will make accusations, they will try smear campaigns, they will use physical violence, they will even start killing those of us who will not back down, and deny Christ. But even then, they will not win. The pope himself will probably condone it.

Do you hear me Ratzinger? You're an apostate of hell, and a minister of Satan. You are blinding people to the truth of God's message, and you are keeping them in their sin. There is no continual confession of sins against God. Hebrews 6:1-8. He's cleansed those once and for all. Sins we commit in ignorance, are those against others, and our only confession we owe is to them personally, not to God, or Mary, or whoever else you want to hold up as our intercessors. A true believers' sin is horizontal - not vertical. You are keeping people under the Law, and not pointing them to Grace. Shame on you . . . but you will pay the price eventually. God Himself will judge you to eternal damnation - unless you repent one day before you die. I am willing to show you the way, if you ask. Me, or a very small handful of others, would be able to do it. But I only know one, and I know of about 2 others that I haven't met yet.