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11-03-2008, 11:39 AM
Tomorrow,Our future begins !
Tomorrow the future of this once great Country is held on the tip of your finger, you will determine the course we will be taking with just one finger !
So much power?

Will our fingers walk us into oblivion? Will the country's fingers bend to the propaganda of prosperity by spreading the wealth to all? Will we all wake up on the 5th of November citizens of a Communist ? Socialistic ? Democratic country ? What happened to the Republic ? Will we wake up to a War Mongering mentality ? Will any of us even know what we have brought on ourselves?

Do we believe all of the campaigning propaganda? Do We believe any of it? Obama's campaign has instilled (with the medias help) "FEAR" , if he doesn't win will there be real civil uprisings by those wanting to share the wealth without effort? Will the workers and producers of this Nation bend to the fear? No one wants to contemplate riots, cities on fire, martial law. For the past few years Fear has become a part of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. McCain's campaign has instilled - with the medias help - "FEAR" also. Riding on his experience as a war hero, a military powerhouse, his appearance as a Maverick? Lies, deceit, egomania and hungry for more power. Will his election bring on the same civil riots and eventual Martial law?We wake up to the news of the day which has all of the undertones of instilling fear, fear of a depression, fear the stock market will crash ( again) fear that we will be dominated by men who have a big ego problem, a problem which will continue to grow.

The News Media is great at derailing our thought process, Fear is a terrible tool, never mentioned is the real reason for fear,LOSS OF OUR FREEDOMS, what is drummed in our heads to make sure we don't realize we are losing our country is the fear of loss of property we have worked for, fear of illness, fear of war, fear of the terrorists, fear of everything that is only window dressing. By now most of us that have kept ourselves informed know voting is a futile act of faith. Faith that our leaders will listen to our voice, Faith that our votes will actually count. Faith that we will have a voice in how our country will be run. We have lost the power to determine our own type of government. We can vote and vote and vote and nothing changes not even our votes. Why have we continued to elect men over and over that have been proven to be crooks, liars, con artists and worse? I think the mentality of it being safer than electing someone new who we don't know and can't be sure of how they will behave in office. At least we know how our old stand by's will do business. We allow coruption and deceit to flourish showing our children Bad is good, Bad is powerful, Bad is profitible.

What kind of lessons are we teaching our kids?The majority of people will thow up their hands and say "I am just one person, what can I do?" Well folks if all of us unite, even a small group can make big difference. We have to stop being good citizens and fight back. A truly good citizen will not allow his or her voice to be stilled. A good citizen fights for his or her rights and demands attention. A good citizen demands equal and fair treatment for all. A good citizen is outspoken and ready to discredit those that lie, cheat and steal from our country. A good citizen is ready to fight the system that is dominating our country and mentality today.

Think back a few years... did you as a child have to wear helmets, kneepads etc just to ride your bike? Did you have to buckle up? Did you have to take shots for your own protection? Did you have to worry about how much food you could store for your own use? Did you have to worry about people coming into your home without warrants even when you were not at home? Did you have to worry about every word you spoke for fear of upsetting someone else? Did you have to go to a "FREE SPEECH ZONE" to speak your mind? Did you have to worry about how many animals you own? Did your child have the right to have a abortion without your knowledge? When did the Government take on our own responsibility of protecting ourselves and our children? When did the Government take on the responsibility of raising the children? Who is educating our children ? Do you have a voice in what they are being taught? OR>>> have you gone along with the ciruculum saying " Well they are the smart ones they know more than I do?" When did you give up your rights and responsibility of punishing your child for bad behavior? I could go on and on about this but you get the idea. Isn't it time to change our own behavior and become responsible for our own lives and living conditions? Isn't it time to become parents again both to our children as well as our country? We can't be a parent and a friend, it is not possible. Parents teach morality, by both deed and word.

We have to take responsibility for the condition of our family as well as our country as we have allowed the conditions that prevail now to grow and prosper by our own silence and apparently our approval. What would happen if you turned off the TV, cooked real food for dinner and demanded your family sit together at a table and share the meal? Had a real conversation, found out what your daughter did that day, what your son wanted to grow up to be, a real conversation? Real questions and demanding real answers. Most parents today allow white lies as it is easier than dealing with them. Oh it's just a little fib. Well that little fib grows every day into a full fledged Lie.

Our kids now think we owe them the best, shoes, clothes, games, anything to keep them entertained, they have no conception of inventing their own games, Why? Can your child do a math problem without a calculator? Can your child diagram a sentence? Does your child even know what a adverb or adjective is? Does your child AXE your to go to the store or does he ASK you? Does your child know the difference between there and their? Probably not but they do know that two mommies are ok, two daddys are ok, it is normal, they also know they are in charge, all they have to do is dial 911 if someone even their parent "ABUSES" them. I am so sick of that word. It has been so ABUSED. What constitutes real abuse? Why are there so many child predators on the streets? Is it normal? Could it be the medications that are offered so freely? Could it be that there were always predators out there but they knew they would incur the wrath of a vengeful parent if they showed their true colors? Now they are just addressed as mentally ill, sick, etc.. and sent to a rehab for rehabilitation. Even when charged with the crime they have lawyers ( at our expense) to plea for their safety and find excuses for their actions.

What gives us the privelege to be so sensitive and think the whole world should be concious of our feelings? Isn't it time to live in a real world where your feelings get hurt and you grow as a person or sit back and suck your thumb and whine about your little ego? Who gave us the privelege of ignorance? The old idea of what you don't know won't hurt you has proven to be totally disasterous. While we were ignoring everything our world changed totally and now people wonder how did that happen?Isn't it time to become independent? Be proud of who we are, what we are and not cowtow to those of less mentality and ambition? Why do we all have to be stupid? Why is it the "IN" thing to be just like everyone else? Is our meager collection of STUFF that important to us? When did stuff become more important than substance of character?

I am sure that this whole country is in need of a good cleansing. A major enema and the hose needs to be placed in Washington DC. For those of us that are awake and alert, we have the ability to prepare and make sure we are not supressed within the masses that have not the mentality or ambition to survive as a individual a soverign person.

I do not want to have to beg for food and shelter, I will not beg. I am perhaps too proud as I would do without before asking the government to supply my needs. I will not stand in line for a token to buy my food. I will not stand in line to be issued a token for clothing or housing. I may not have as much as some but what I have I have earned by my own deeds and knowledge. I bow to no one other than God himself.

Please take the time to prepare and do so quickly. Even if my doom and gloom predictions do not come to pass you will have saved lots of money and worry by stocking up and saving for the rainy day. We still have seeds and have added new chapters to the book ( which I will send those that have already bought the book freely for a large self addressed stamped envelope) which gives you information on growing your own food even in the city.

We need your support to continue to get the word out. I take the chance of being investigated and charged with crimes against the government by speaking out, publicly, not just on the internet but in person daily, on the roads and in towns. We will be going on the road again after Thanksgiving stopping at every place there are people to listen. The RV is being repainted to convey the Constitution and upholding the Oaths of Office our elected officials take. Demanding our rights as free citizens.

We have organized a NON PROFIT Corporation for the purpose of educating and getting people prepared to fight the take over of our government. Freedom Is Not Dead or ( FIND) as in find the truth, find security, find safety in numbers and find our freedom. The website http://www.freedomisnotdead.org and http://www.rwefree.com are on line now. You can also join the yahoo group freedomisnotdead to stay up to date on information and meet others who are working with us in this mission.

Join the Freedom Is Not Dead Group on Yahoo.

Again I thank you for your continued support and help in this project. We will not stop as long as we have the means to continue.