View Full Version : Phone Poll Gives No Third Option

11-02-2008, 03:24 PM
I just received a phone call which was an automated poll about the upcoming election on Tuesday. It was supposed to ask me three questions, but I never made it past the first one. Here's why: they asked me to press "1" if I support John McCain or press "2" if I support Barack Obama. I waited for them to tell me to press "3" for another candidate, but that never happened. There was brief silence, and then the two options were repeated again. When I didn't answer the second time, the automated voice told me that concluded the poll and hung up.

I was a bit distressed about the lack of options for any third party candidate, but it doesn't surprise me. The phone pollsters did the same thing to Congressman Paul back during the Republican Primaries when they left his name off their list of candidates to choose from. Anyway, I just want to forewarn any of you that if you see the number 202-747-7314 come up on your phone, it will be that biased automated poll I spoke of. Calling back won't do anything except ask you if you want your number to be taken off their list.