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Craig Thompson
11-02-2008, 12:11 PM
Politicians, by nature, are instruments of compromise, the majority of which are completely devoid of anything even closely resembling what we understand to be a “soul”. What is our soul, unless it is that which makes us what we are, that which defines us, and that which we fight for, are willing to die for, and that which, were we in absence of, would end our existence us as we know ourselves to be. A person’s soul is their heart, their mind, their integrity, their conviction, their purpose, their passion, their essence. Career politicians, by and large, have none of those things. And how could they, given our current atmosphere in Washington? It is a system that discourages the defense of a person’s soul. It discourages true leadership. If George Washington were alive today, he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance to effect change in the city that bears his name. He would be vilified as a hate monger, as intolerant, as isolationist, as divisive, as unrealistic, and as naively idealistic because of his stance on principle, not on compromise.

Truth be told, there are people fighting for freedom in this land that embody GW’s spirit. They are those who are vilified still by a status quo mentality that says not to rock the boat, or that we need to vote for the lesser of two evils, or that a third party has no chance. They are people who demonstrate, peacefully, and are arrested for exercising their 2nd amendment right of free speech. They are those who have inspired those of us who are the remaining true Patriots who will not be silenced by threat of force, arrestment, or ignoring the message of Freedom. We will not go quietly into the night, and ignore the fact that our country is under siege by those who have forgotten what Country really means, and the ideals that this particular country was founded on. These are the men and women who are primarily leaders, not primarily politicians. We are the only hope for this country, and our future. We are not those who sit around and complain about the state of things, without taking positive action towards affecting a change of that state. We are not those who are completely inactive, whose only contribution is showing up every 4 years to vote for one of 2 candidates (who are virtually indistinguishable when held to the standard of the Constitution). We are those who fight the fight. We are those who are always outspoken. We are those whose hearts do not fear. We are those who know that Freedom does not negotiate. We are those who are willing to give everything for the sake of the ideals that we are governed by.

But before I tell you the names of who we are, I will tell you the names of who we are NOT. We are NOT Hillary Clinton, we are NOT Bill Clinton, we are NOT King George Bush, we are NOT Karl Rove, we are NOT the fascist John McCain, we are NOT the socialist Ralph Nader, we are NOT Nancy Pelosi, we are NOT Barney Frank. And we are most definitely NOT the worst candidate that we’ve ever had for the most visible office in this land. WE ARE NOT BARACK OBAMA!!!

We are Adam Kokesh

We are Ron Paul

We are Chuck Baldwin

We are BJ Lawson

We are Bill Buran

We are Isaiah Matos

And we will never ever stop fighting for Freedom, until the day we die . . .

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The Committee to Elect Craig Thompson President 2008

Truth Warrior
11-02-2008, 01:04 PM
This country needs people NOT sheeple. No shepherds!

11-02-2008, 04:36 PM
This country needs people NOT sheeple. No shepherds!


It might be fun for some folks to go through the masturbatory motions of elections just for old times' sake though, TW. ;)