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10-31-2008, 05:56 PM
... in Minnesota

It started out as a joke… I asked my husband who we were going to write-in for City Council because neither of us liked the options available. Usually we just write in his name for whatever office we see there. However, this year he said we’ll “just write in your name.” I said, “Okay.”

A couple days later I told him I wanted to post my name on Craigslist and other places online to give others an option incase they didn’t like the options presented, just like us. I was curious how many votes a last-minute bid for a write-in, over the Internet, would generate. Just how powerful is an Internet push? We witnessed the power of the Internet with the Ron Paul campaign - how quickly can one amass votes at the last minute via the Internet for a local election?

I figure - it’s a wasted vote to vote for someone that you don’t agree with just because they are the only options available - so why not give others a chance to not waste their vote if they would agree with me? So, the following is my platform at a run for City Council in the Central District. I have delivered the Write-in Request to the City Clerk, and thus the votes WILL be counted. Your vote is guaranteed to not be a waste.

I am a wife to Matt, and a homeschooling mom that helps run the family business on the side as time allows and business necessitates. We have been married for 11 years and residents on and off of Brooklyn Park over the years. We have been back to Brooklyn Park since March of this year. I graduated from Park Center High School, and so I know the area quite well.

The following is my platform:

Government, all around, is far too big. Even down to the local level. If we, as Minnesotans, want to see the state changed and the power put back in the hands of the People with less Government intrusion, we must start at the local level and raise awareness to the freedoms allotted to its (Minnesota’s) Citizens. We can do that through saying “NO” to more government intrusion, programs and taxation. This can start in Brooklyn Park with a vote for Victoria Rose.

The people need to be empowered to live the life of Freedom and Liberty guranteed them by our State and National Constitutions. When we restrict freedoms by legislating, enacting and enforcing code after code on the People - even at the local level - the People become complacent and don’t live the empowered life of making decisions for their selves. They start to depend on their Government for every little thing and forget how to provide for their selves and their families with their own toil.

At the Local level we can encourage this empowerment by lifting restrictions on businesses. Businesses are far over-regulated, and thus do not desire to come do business in Brooklyn Park. Bringing in more business would bring more jobs to the local community and help get those off of the System that are living within our City limits. It is the System of welfare that leaves them in bondage to the Government and keeps them in the poverty mentality, thus increasing the crime rate.

Taxes need to be cut. Taxes grow because programs grow - we need to stop growing programs and cut programs. City officials’ salaries need to be looked at and pay cuts seriously need to be considered.

The Property Rights of the Citizens need to be respected and guaranteed more than they have been in the past. Many of the City Ordinances on the books regarding Property -Residential and Commericial - need to be re-looked at and a little bit of Common Sense used in regards to them.

The City Code needs to be gone through with a fine-toothed comb. Each ordinance needs to be looked and the questions asked of each one, “Is this really the role of Government? Does this violate the rights of the Citizens?” And it needs to be remembered that just because a complaint is made by a Citizen, an ordinance does not need to be written.

Code enforcement has far too much authority and they need to use more common sense. If a neighbor complains about an issue, neighbors need to be encouraged to talk to their neighbors. Doing so empowers the Citizens to take matters into their own hands rather than depending on Government for everything. The City government does not need to play the role of nanny or babysitter. The City stepping in should be an absolute last resort if all other measures fail and the Citizens have spoken with their neighbors. Citizens become upset over issues, they complain to the city and more codes get written which violate our Property Rights. This needs to end.

Voting for Victoria Rose will be a vote for “NO”. I will be your voice and you will have my ear on all issues. While I might not be up to snuff on all the issues facing the city and know all the political lingo, I am a very fast learner and self-educator.

NO more wasteful spending - it’s not MY money to spend!

NO more increased taxes.

NO more unnecessary restrictions on Businesses and telling businesses how and when they can operate.

NO more to city inspections to sell your home.

NO to a Council Member annual Salary - I refuse to accept a Salary as a Council member on the belief that elected officials are civil servants and should not be paid. To be paid is a conflict of interest.

Voting for Victoria Rose will not only be a vote for “NO”, but a vote for “YES”:

YES to empowering the Citizens.

YES to property right protection.

YES to small businesses.

YES to decreased crime through giving the power back to the People.

YES to small Government

YES to lower taxes.

YES to ensuring that our City code is not violating your State and National Constitutional rights.

10-31-2008, 08:48 PM
Good luck! I'll encourage a few people I know in B.Park to write you in :)

So many liberty-loving candidates running in MN this year :)