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10-28-2008, 08:49 AM
Professor 4X believes in Ron Paul and wants his veiws heard

1 No Income Tax

National Sales Tax
Due to the amount of money in the black market thru illegal playgurism, or selling copied movie and videos, along with drug trafficking, this accounts for over $4 trillion worth of products and money never taxed in system. By making a national sales tax every time anyone spent money to live they would pay tax to government and it wouldn't be only the legal people that pay tax. That way when we buy we would buy inclusive of national tax so we would have more money to spend because they wouldn't charge us a Federal income tax which is mandatory but rather it becomes a discretionary tax to be paid when and if we want.

2 Healthcare Reform
Pay What You Can Afford as Needed.
This idea came because in Ireland when my wife visited a country doctor for an alignment when we asked how much he said "just throw money in the box on the way out". He had a box full of different amounts of money so we made sure since we had it we paid him well because we appreciated his advice. But what if we didn't have money we still would have gave what we could afford. This country has alot of good people with billions of dollars and after we were billed and paid what we could based on our income their is certainly foundations or do gooders that could help with the difference to a degree and have cost fixed based on fair prices instead of hospitals and doctors over charging us during difficult emotional and financial times. With proper planing this would work.

3 Reduce Deficits
National Lottery

Still amazed this hasn't happened yet. Since lottery players are gamblers and are addicted to these products why is most lotteries only state run. With a national lottery organized where the jack pots would be enormous and at least half of every ticket bought went to government to reduce deficit it means again we could buy as many as we want to help eliminate debt and at same time may get lucky. This makes helping country a discretionary tax again where we can spend what we want, which i would do just to help and if won would be a bonus, but would have whole country fund a common cause. It seems simple and not sure why it is not being done.

4 Make Better Gov't Investments.
Why aren't we taking our best traders to the federal resevere to trade us out of debt and increase the rate of return for Gov't investments? Does it make sense to pay a professional athtlete millions which only finanically benfits the athlete or does it makes sense to pay a Government forex trader millions to get us out of debt?

Keep the Family home in the Family. The problem is people lose the family home because property tax is a variable one and goes up based on new legislation which once people retire and their income cannot keep pace of increases they are forced to move out. The best way to avoid this is pay all tax on day of purchase so its fixed when house is purchased . In Ireland they have no property tax because they have a 21% VAT(Value Added Tax) that is included in your mortgage payment and is fixed on day of purchase. So even though it makes the purchase more expensive the banks are willing to lend you the money and it becomes fixed never to rise and once your house is paid for you own it. But also the value of your home goes up so you get it all back with time anyway and can live there as long as you want tax free.

10-29-2008, 02:22 PM
I'm not sure what #4 really means, just get smarter people to do the same job? I don't think that's part of the problem.

I definitely like #5. You never truly own land if you're paying the government "rent" to keep it.

I'm not sure if I like the national lottery idea, although I do like state lotteries. If we did have such a lottery the government would eventually be compelled to use it for everyday budget items. I think we should just be able to give money that goes directly to the debt because that should be reward enough. If they started using that money for other projects you can be sure funds would stop almost immediately.