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Craig Thompson
10-26-2008, 05:45 PM
In lieu of the great fraud perpetrated on the American people (in the form of an election for the highest office in the land thus far dominated by candidates that, held accountable to the standard of the Constitution, are virtually *identical*), I have decided to violate the ballot access laws of most states, and admonish citizens to write-in the name of whomever they feel would be the best President.
I am for the rule of Law – I am for the states’ rights to administer their own elections in order to vote for the electors in the college that will determine the President. But I am not for any laws that are unconstitutional. Ballot access should be universal – either work to be the candidate by an affiliated party, or run on your own. I advocate running on your own, without the need for political parties, since some of the founders never even wanted parties (being that it was too divisive for the citizens of this great republic). The ideals of Freedom, which are the same ideals that unify true Americans, are the ideals that we should vote for. Whichever candidate advocates those ideals the closest, is the one that you should vote for. I am running on a platform that, more than anyone I can see (including Chuck Baldwin), is closer to the intent of the founding fathers outlined under the Constitution.

There were certain inherent contradictions in the Constitution, such as the equality of all men. They had to allow slavery in order to form a more perfect union, since many southern states would not join if they outlawed it. It was the first step towards freedom, but not perfection by any means. That contradiction had to be resolved, since contradictions can not exist without harmful consequences. It was eliminated legally in the Civil War, and continues to be eliminated more and more in the mentality of citizens as African American leaders educate the populace about racism that still exists. I am not a racist – in any way, shape or form. And I do not advocate slavery - in any way, shape or form. Not in the “right” of some men to own other men, or the “right” of the government to tax the rich – or tax anyone’s income for that matter. I am for Freedom – Freedom to make your own money without being taxed by a government that takes nearly half of our income. Freedom for African Americans, Asians, Arabics, Jews, South Americans, Caucasians, or any nationality or race, to engage in being part of our great republic. As long as there is nothing from the federal government forcing business owners to hire a certain quota of them. In a true meritocracy, your worth is determined by your own ability to contribute to society. No welfare, no “affirmative action” (which is really not affirmative at all, unless it affirms slavery of the rich), no quotas. People stand on the merits of their own ability, or fall on their own lack of ability. I no longer wish to hear that people do not have the ability, by blaming others for it - by claiming that they didn’t have proper education because others denied them the right to it; by claiming that they didn’t have the same opportunities because others held them back, or others had a racist mentality, or others were rich, or born rich, or any of the other excuses that I’ve heard in my lifetime for excusing laziness, an entitlement mentality, or stealing . . . (stealing wealth from the rich in the form of income taxes).

The income tax should be eliminated, because in principle, it is stealing - condoned by the agreement of citizens. And when stealing becomes legal, watch out. Because no one is safe from this - not the poor, not the rich, not the middle class, and certainly not you. Arbitrary, non-objective standards produce random consequences, and they will steal from anyone and everyone until they bleed everyone dry with their parasitic, socialist, and fascist policies. This produces tyranny and corruption, and until that corruption is eliminated, the tyranny will always exist. These are forms of tyranny: the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the fiat money system (apart from the gold standard), the welfare system, universal health care, faith-based initiatives, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other programs that the federal government has allowed to infiltrate the halls of power, by denying the principles upon which the Constitution was based.
I am urging all Americans to reject the government’s use of these tyrannous abuses of power, and return to the principles on which this country was based. Reject the notion of slavery, by employing any races that demonstrate ability, including Caucasian, if they are more qualified. Reject the notion of welfare, by giving voluntarily to charity. Reject the notion of the Federal Reserve, by writing, emailing, and faxing the members of all 3 branches of your federal government to eliminate that egregious abuse of power. Reject the notion of stealing, by urging congress to repeal it’s power to “regulate commerce amongst the states, and with foreign nations”. And if they don’t listen, stand up for your own rights, and stop paying income taxes. The military was funded initially with a tax, but that tax was paid voluntarily by the Patriots who had just fought, bled, and died for their Freedom. They knew that the defense of our country with a militia was necessary to ensure our protection against foreign invasion, and they were more than happy to pay it. The rich will be the first to want to pay a tax for the military, because they know that the defense of their property (the corporations they own), are worthless if no one is there to protect their property against domestic and foreign invasion.

And more than anything, reject the manipulation of elections in this country by the states determining unjust, and unfair ballot access laws. Write in whoever you feel is the best candidate for the job, because any vote cast for the Truth, and based on principle, is not a wasted vote. It is a vote for remaining true to your heart, it’s perhaps a protest vote, but more than anything, it is NOT a vote for the lesser of 2 evils. It’s not evil at all, and it’s not a wasted vote – this country, and your life (under the freedoms that this country provides), are dependent upon the voice of its citizens. Vote for America, vote for Freedom, vote for a limited government under the Constitution, vote for Independence, and vote for what you know deep down in your heart to be true – that our next President should be a proponent of the Constitution, not one that advocates Socialism, Fascism, or any variant of statist control. Vote your heart, vote your mind, vote your soul, and vote for Patriotism. Vote for your right to be free – vote for a limited government. Vote that we can all enjoy the freedoms that we once knew, but more than anything, vote for a true leader, not a politician. A politician is one who has gained status through various methods of compromise. Under the current system, no one can stay a politician long without compromising. Ron Paul himself personally told me he was not perfect when I held up the standard of the test of honesty to him, Chuck Baldwin has not clarified a few comments he made during the debate with Nader the other night that imply the right of the federal government’s regulation of the economy, and that leaves no one I’ve seen so far that is running for President that truly believes in a 100% laissez-faire free market Capitalism.

Except one.


10-26-2008, 05:48 PM
Can I download this post on audio book? :D

10-26-2008, 08:55 PM
Seriously.. My attention span is much smaller than that...

10-26-2008, 10:37 PM
Seriously.. My attention span is much smaller than that...

Then turn off your TV.