View Full Version : Ready For Biden's "Test" of President Obama Within 6 months?

10-26-2008, 04:50 AM
It was just rumor online a week ago but was picked up by the Corporate Media and spun by the 3 Senators and Palin... most people that aren't politically savvy know he said it (half of the population still won't vote because they know it doesn't matter)...

The aftermath of 9/11 created an aura of ultra patriotism, would an event like a nuke going off in the US (blamed on Al-Qaeda, now based in 'unruly' Pakistan according to our media, that has governmental unrest and ex-CIA beneficiary Osama bin Laden be the answer to a nation that has no exports that aren't Intelligence or Military-Industrial Complex related?

Bush has set up the framework for an Executive Branch dictator and Obama is branded as "change" as everything "Bush" will be out of office.