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10-23-2008, 07:18 AM
Just sent out the following email to our supporters. If anyone here has a few minutes to spare, please make a phone call to our opponent. See below.

In case you missed it, there was an article on the race in MD's 7th District in the Baltimore Examiner last Sunday.


Of course, this idea that Cummings is running like he's behind is ludicrous and I told the Examiner staff exactly that. They printed my letter today:

"Cummings: Prove you’re serious, agree to debate"

I would like to respond to Elijah Cummings’ statement that he is “running like he’s 25 points behind,” in the Oct. 19 article, “Cummings: ‘I’m running like I’m behind.’ ”

I am campaign manager for his opponent, Mike Hargadon, and I want to state for the record that Cummings has refused all one-on-one debates with Hargadon. If Cummings is really running like he’s behind, wouldn’t he have accepted a debate challenge?

After reading Malarkey’s article, the Hargadon campaign once again challenged the Cummings campaign to a debate and we are still awaiting a response. I do not expect Cummings to accept a debate because Hargadon’s message resonates with the people. If Hargadon were provided a free forum to get his message out to the people of the 7th District, Cummings really would fall 25 points behind.

If your readers want to see a debate between the candidates, they should call the Cummings campaign at 410-669-8400.

– Adam Wilson, Clarksville


So if you have a few minutes, please call the phone number above. His campaign manager is Carla Farrington and I think she's going to have a busy day. I should note that I still have not heard back from the Cummings campaign regarding the last debate challenge.

Cummings is GOING!!

In liberty,

Adam Wilson
Campaign Manager
Hargadon For US Congress

10-23-2008, 07:43 AM
Very good article. It's nice to actually see a media outlet taking a somewhat neutral point of view.

But Hargadon, 57, accuses Cummings of catering to the very corporations that fund his campaigns, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both firms authorized to open lines of credit from the U.S. Treasury under the bailout legislation.

“Congressman Cummings has taken $10,000 from Freddie and Fannie Mae since 2003,” Hargadon says. “I would call that a conflict of interest, but I guess its just business as usual.”

Let's hope voters take note of this blatent corruption.

Cummings says he only voted for the bailout after specific assurances from presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama that foreclosure remedies will follow.

Wait...so Obama the "share the wealth" socialist is going to kick people who can't pay their mortgages out of their houses? That'll be the day.

10-23-2008, 07:50 AM
Wait...so Obama the "share the wealth" socialist is going to kick people who can't pay their mortgages out of their houses? That'll be the day.

No, the "foreclosure remedies" are that those people don't lose their homes. Cummings said he voted against the initial bailout because there was no help for Main Street. But Obama (and Pelosi, and Frank) talked him into voting for the second bailout and assured him that the leadership would address "bailing out Main Street" in January.

I confronted Cummings in person two weeks ago and told him that he voted for a bill that gave the secy of the Treasury dictator-like powers and moved us toward fascism. He didn't even deny it - just said, "I hated that bill. But I had to vote for it."