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10-21-2008, 03:02 PM
Growing Up Can Be Painful !

Children will sometimes have a hissy fit, scream, cry and whine when they don't get their way. As an adult we have to stop using these childish ways of expressing ourselves.. As a nation we have become children again, we want it our way or no way. When people hear something they don't want to hear they ignore it, rant about it or twist it to fit their feelings. It is time to stop this childish behavior and learn to listen to all sides, make decisions on a informed base and stand up for what they know is right not always what they want.

We started the Non Profit organization "FREEDOM IS NOT DEAD Inc." It is in its formative stage now, in a previous newsletter we stated that we were forming this organization in order to protect the members from lawsuits etc and protect their personal property as we are not perfect and could very well make a mistake that would be costly if not protected. We will be going into deep water and want to be able to go forth without fear or worry on our minds.

To determine who will sit on the Board of Directors we stated that people who donated $100 or more would be seated. This is the only fair and reasonable method we could determine. We could have picked our friends but that would not have had the results we wanted as we want a non partisan, objective board to govern not just yes men. We need people who are willing to put their money where their mouth is and work for the good of the organization not for their own personal egos or gain.

We now have our 9 members of the Board of Directors, a meeting will take place this coming Saturday to determine the By Laws, membership benefits along with other organizational planning.

Some people either did not read the message or misunderstood the message. These folks thought that a donation of any amount would put them in the drivers seat so to speak, when an explanation was offered we were subject to being accused of not being truthful.. Not true, just because you gave a few dollars did not mean you would be on the board of directors, yes a member and able to voice your opinion but not at the formation of the board conference. Just as in any organization information is collected and objectively argued pro and con before any decisions are made. That is the function of the Board of Directors and their committees.

There will be a membership fee, which insures everyone will be covered by the corporations protections, a membership certificate will be issued to people who participate in this organization.

We are not a organization which is going to be raising funds to pay salaries, all members will be volunteers who will work for the common good of the overall organization and our Nation. The membership fees will cover the cost of postage, hosting and utilities necessary to run a organization.

There will be times when we ask for donations to fund different programs such as our filing charges against a congressman or senator ( depending on research as to which would be the most corrupt) funds will be needed for transportation and lodging of the attorney that will file the charges. We will not pay for services, they must be given freely but, we will pay for their transportation etc.

Our books will always be open to members. There will be no hidden agendas or missing money. This will be a totally transparent organization. Our Yahoo group will be a conduit for questions, answers and just observations. Anyone is welcome to join us here and learn more about what we are doing and getting accomplished.


The membership fee for one year is: $20.00. These fees should cover the cost of running the organization ie: postage, hosting, calls, paper and ink toner for printing up flyers etc. ( Everyone who donated in the chip in so far are automaticaly included as members do not donate again. )

For your fee you will receive a nice framable certificate of membership and the knowledge you are doing your share to promote Liberty and bring back our Constitution.

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