View Full Version : CT Democrat AG SPINS Infant Death for Campaign

10-20-2008, 05:24 PM
Long Term CT Attorney General responsible for legal care of children in State Custody spins the call for break up of agency at investigative hearing over Agency's Death and CBS lavishes stock campaign photo, But CT Attorney General looked like he was sleeping during the hearing of Agency's infant death.

During the hearings today Democrat Senator Harris took the opportunity to call for more DCF Oversight of Home schoolers for education neglect and DCF Oversight of Parents for Moral negect. Currently the agency 3,500 children in state care at 1 billion dollars a year.


Where has the CT Attorney General BEEN on his Legal OVERSIGHT OF AGENCY?

Ablechild supplied CT Attorney General with internal drug company info on link to suicide and several abuse cases within DCF, attorney general used info to sue drug companies, but never held vendors accountable on psychiatric abuse cases of children in state care. psychiatric State Vendors have endorsed OBAMA.

Ablechild Opposes Closed State Restructuring Hearings

For Immediate Release:

Ablechild is a non profit organization that works for ensuring informed consent and an individual’s right to refuse psychiatric services.

In 2003, Ablechild successfully pressured CT DCF into banning two antidepressants used on children in State care citing concerns about a link to an increased suicide risk. In 2004, Ablechild provided critical testimony before the FDA on antidepressant use in children and the increased risk of violence and suicide which led to the FDA mandating a Black Box Warning. In 2007, Ablechild met with Connecticut’s Attorney General Blumenthal and provided him with internal documents from a drug company and its role in marketing drugs with dangerous side effects for children in State care.

On August 12th, Senator Meyers and Senator Harris announced in the Hartford Courant plans to hold investigative hearings on suspected misconduct within Connecticut DCF, in lieu of the death of an infant housed in State care. A possible reorganization was announced based on the fact that DCF gets nearly a billion dollars a year in State funds. Myers stated that, “We’re just not seeing the kind of results that can justify $860,000 per child per year.” It raises questions about whether or not this is an agency that should be reorganized.” Ablechild wants to point out that reorganization is not enough when children are being forced drugged and restrained in State care without informed consent or oversight at the total cost of a billion dollars per year. The fact is that Senator Meyers has been responsible for the legislative oversight over this agency. It is commendable that he and Senator Harris want to hold investigative hearings on this matter, but where is the accountability when Ablechild has just learned that the initial hearing is closed for public comment. How can restructuring an agency that has been run by State vendors all along expect an effective change to occur without outside involvement? The behavioral health vendor monopoly needs to be dismantled. To allow these vendors to continue reorganizing themselves is to continue a State failed system at a huge cost to taxpayers, and what is worse, a deadly price to children caught in State care.

Ablechild is strongly opposed to public exclusion to any hearing held on this matter. We have viewed the draft of the State’s restructuring plan that will occur on January 1st, 2009. This plan clearly demonstrates the conflict of interest that regulates the entire State agency. In addition, it demonstrates that there is an expected outcome before a thorough and unbiased investigation is completed.

Attorney General Sleeps Through Hearings on Death of Infant in Connecticut Welfare System, Then Claims Victory in Cries For Overhauls under what was his legal oversight.