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Craig Thompson
10-16-2008, 02:25 PM
This is getting sent out to McCainís people all over the country, as congratulations to him on the debate last night:

It's really quite incredible that a candidate can say what's on his mind so clearly, calmly and indicatively of the positions he's advocating. I've never seen such a bold, clear position of extreme willingness and ability to help the American people - with socialism, fascism, and desire to be the biggest dictator in this country's history (proved by the positions he's advocating). You can't claim to be advocating accountability in business, by proposing involvement from the federal government in the economy, and expect all of us to be better off. The rich who have earned their own money by their own effort are not our enemies - they are the only ones that you can trust with finances, and the economy (in a free market without government intervention). They've earned it, and they know how much hard work it takes to keep it, especially from takeover by thieves and tyrants like yourselves, and every person that supports the message that John McCain advocates.

The true enemies of our economy include the businessmen who associate with lobbyists in order to plunder and steal from the middle and lower classes by running to the government every time their company gets in trouble: like AIG, who as soon as a government bailout program was announced for them, scheduled a multi-million dollar retreat at a resort that had spa packages and all kinds of other luxuries that the government is now supporting (meaning you and I are now supporting, since the "government funds" are merely our own pocketbooks paying taxes - that is, the top 51% of wage-earners paying any taxes at all). The people who run up debt, and expect that the government (as their mommy and daddy as ultimate fall-back position) will help them out when they're stuck in the corner of a mountain of debt. The businesses who associate with lobbyists in order to obtain "pull" and favor from corrupt politicians who will slant their proposed legislation towards their interests, instead of competing in the free market that they so desperately fear, because the quality of their products and services are inferior and they know their incompetence deep down in their hearts. The top 1% of wealth creators in this country make only 20% of the GDP, and pay 40% of the taxes. How fair is that to the rich? Also, the bottom 50% of the wage-earners (as employees) only pay 2% of the tax burden. How fair is that to the rich? Itís not, and you need to say that as a Republican candidate, or tell the truth in that you are no longer Republican, nor are you American!

Some of the bleeding heart liberals are no better though - the bottom 49% of wage earners pay *NO* taxes!!!!!!! AND THEY'RE THE ONES THAT COMPLAIN ABOUT TAXES THE MOST!! The single mother who whines and moans about the need to tax the rich to support her lack of ability to find or keep a husband to help raise their kids. The people that want everything given to them as a right (without understanding what a right even is) whine and complain about their low salary, which is all they can earn because of their entitlement mentality, pessimism, and cynicism towards "big business", which is the very business that they want so desperately to be part of (while biting the hand that feeds them the entire time). The people who just want to sit around all day, pumping out babies in order to qualify for more extortion money (masquerading as public welfare - it's time to call a spade a spade in this country, and welfare what it actually is: extortion from the rich). The people who live at shelters (driving BMWs so that they can appear to have an identity that they've never known), who buy homes under other peoples' names, so that they can still qualify for their extortion check, and then spend half their time at the shelter so that can still appear to be the poor destitute souls "who need your help" in order to live, because they can't live on their own.

This country is no longer anywhere close to what it was intended to be, and there are many of us who *WILL NOT TAKE IT ANY LONGER*. We are tired of being slaves, held by the whip of any fascist, wannabe dictator, or socialist who claims that it is our moral duty to help those who "can't help themselves", and hold their need as their sole claim to our virtue, forced upon us at the point of a gun (by passing laws that force us to oblige). We are done being slaves, done from being robbed, and SO done with your welfare entitlement programs. We are the People, and our time is now. Your time is over, and those whom you support are done being fed by the ignorance of those of us who have not had a voice - the self-reliant businessman who is taxed to death under the burden of nearly half of his income taken away by the sum of an income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, self-employment tax, state tax, local tax, and the rest of the egregious thieveries that are committed by you. I am helping to take that ignorance away though, and as long as I live and breathe, you will never ever ever be able to stop me.

I am Craig Thompson, empowered by the Lord and my savior Jesus Christ. I know my name is being circulated amongst a lot of politicians, in places as unlikely as Orlando, Fort Pierce, Miami Beach, New York City, Cleveland, Akron, Vermont, Pittsburgh, Washington, and all around the country in the towns that have had debates, town hall meetings, and local campaign stops. You never know where me or my name might show up next, but let me tell you - there are hundreds upon hundreds of Craig Thompsons out there - in name (in the phone directory) and in spirit (in every patriot who loves the ideals that this country was founded on - and I'm referring to you, Adam Kokesh, and you, Ron Paul, and Jesse Ventura, and Aimee Allen, and all the others who fight on a daily basis for freedom in the halls of government . . . and you Duane Crawford, who has always inspired me more than you'll ever know, by pointing me to God in every encounter I've ever had with you, and who continues to fight for spiritual freedom for everyone you know, because you know that it's spiritual freedom that is the basis for every other kind of freedom - including political freedom.

I am one of the freedom fighters left in this country - and you'd better pray to God and Holy Jesus that the message of Freedom is heard on Nov. 4th, because if it isn't, there will be a disruption in the plans of all socialists, dictators, and fascists like you have never imagined before. And don't even think for one second that this is a bluff - there are so many angry Americans right now, that it's the easiest thing in the world to rally mass amounts of people towards action. Especially when some more of the deceptions that have happened in this campaign come to light: for one, McCain, you arenít even legally permitted to be on the ballot in Texas, since your people filed your papers past the deadline - a judge ruled that you were still eligible. Talk about voter fraud!!!! And Iím curious to know if you even know this!!!!!!!! Donít even talk about Obamaís fraud with Acorn anymore Ė now everybody thatís getting this email (including hundreds of politicians, voters, and constituents) knows that youíre just as hypocritical in your manipulation of the American political system.

Now listen up, and listen good. There is one chance for you to avoid extreme consequences. Go in front of the American people, be completely honest about the fact that you've supported socialist, fascist ideas, and that you previously aspired to be the most powerful dictator in all of American history - but you've now seen the light of Freedom and Independence, and are sincerely repentant to all of us, and are immediately announcing a change of heart, mind, and policy - you are now not only advocating, but defending to the death a) a 100% laissez-faire free market capitalism, b) a non-interventionist foreign policy, c) the destruction of the federal reserve, d) the withdraw of America from the United Nations, and e) the elimination of all social welfare programs funded by the federal government. If you do not do this, there will be dire consequences to you and your terrorist regime come Nov. 4th.

In all Sincerity, Patriotism, and Love - for Truth, Justice, and the American way . . .

Craig Thompson

10-16-2008, 07:10 PM
here is my message to John McCain...


McCain can bite my southern hind quarters!