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10-16-2008, 09:37 AM

This message is a mixture of rants and raves as well as one of abject sadness and despair.

I have spent the past couple of days talking to the court system officials here in NC. Not a easy thing to do as many are so ignorant that even I can see they don't have a clue to what their job is or how to do it other than prosecuting traffic violations or grabbing the spotlight with more visible murder, rape and robbery cases. None have ever prosecuted a "Elected Public Official". None really want to tackle it. You can see the look of disbelief on their face when you ask the proper proceedure for doing such. When asked if they have taken a "Oath of Office" which states they will defend the constitution they look like "Yeah Soooooo?" When informed they will be held to that oath you can see they are thinking yeah right, make me, well folks we have to Make them. Force them to uphold their sworn oath of office. These people are scared of the public, they do not want to be held up as failures or lose their precious positions. WE ARE THE PUBLIC. We have the responsibility to make sure these officials do their job. The problems we have now are due to our neglect in this area.

Every Senator and Congressman who voted for this bailout should be arrested for treason against the Constitution immediately. We all know that here in America the bad guys get away with murder (literally). We can not expect the treasonous Bastards in the Senate and Congress to police themselves.

The Constitution was written to limit the power of government. Our government is out of control. Thank goodness our founding fathers understood full well the reality of throwing out the government, when it becomes a enemy to the people and our Constitution.

Both Candidates for President voted for the Bailout. Ask these candidates to show you where in the Constitution they have the authority to take our money and transfer it to their Wall Street and other buddies. . They have no answer, because there is NO AUTHORITY in the Constitution for this type of action against the people of the US.

Now comes the hard part, we all know this is all against our Country's basic foundation. It is up to us, those of us that have the nerve and knowledge of what is going on to actually do something. Go to your local prosecutors office, find out the exact details of filing a Criminal complaint against a Public Official.( Do not name anyone just a hypothetical Official) Either tape the conversation or make notes and have him sign off on the notes.. Get him on record. Put him in a position he cannot retract or deny his words. First ask if he has sworn a Oath of Office and ask to see it. This may take a while but get that document on record first. This will hold him liable himself if he refuses to assist you. Once you have that sworn Oath in hand you have the upper hand, he can either be honorable, and most of them will be faced with a voter and citizen who is in his face or he can refuse to talk, in that case find another prosecutor to speak with, do not give up. There will be one that wants to prove himself to the public. With the details of how to go about prosecution of a Public Official you can now really start to research your local representive's background. It is all a matter of public record. Check his voting, his actions private and public, everything. There are very few that will not have some violations in their past or present. Once you have the facts follow the steps given to you in how to file this complaint and then DO IT. Whether or not the case is tried is mute at this point. Most of the officials are Attorneys, did you know if only 2 criminal complaints are filed against a attorney he loses his Mal Practice Insurance? They do not have to be found guilty just have charges filed against them. None of them want this notoriety. Actually being a Attorney is reason for them to be removed from office in the first place. TREASON IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE.! Using the Constitution it will be fairly simple to charge every single one of the Congress and Senate that voted for the bail out as a Treasonist.

What is needed is for thousands of people to do this in every state, district and city. Now all we have to do is find these people who will actually take the time and effort and have the nerve to stand up and take back their country. I start on Monday filing charges here in NC.

With all the banner waving, protesting and rallys we have gained nothing other than being called misfits, cult members and sore losers. I have been a big part of these projects having organized many of them myself and have gained absolutely nothing for the country's relief. I had fun as all of us have with the big rallys and parades, marching, walking, yelling and screaming our anger and concern. But no real effect on the sector we wanted to come to our aide and service. Petitions, emails and calls have not worked. We have worked uselessly for a couple of years. Think seriously what has all these events proven? What effect have they had on the Government? You can scream "END THE FED" till your voice is gone and what good will it actually do? Do you think there is even a small chance that a protest will make the officials do what is right? If you do you are still living in La La Land. You can walk a thousand miles with signs and banners and even get into a small towns news but in the end what did you accomplish? You say we woke up a lot of people, that may be true but where are all these people? What are they doing with that awakening?

It is time to get down to programs which will have some effect. Tom Cryer has a project going to unite all of us into one big movement which will have some effect. He has a step by step plan which will be easy to follow. Instead of donating thousands of dollars to these rallys and protests where the organizers are putting money in their own pockets and building up their own egos on the events why not send your money to a project that is planned out with results in mind? I support Tom and will do everything I can to promote his plan of action.

Click on this link to see Tom's Plan:

Get your food storage, and water filter, guns and ammo, gold and silver and get it all as fast as you can, while you still can.

The time for Americans to sit idly by and petition, plead, call and march against our government, while they destroy us and our country, is over.

A minority of Americans, and thousands illegal aliens, will vote for our next President soon.

We' ll get two of the four Idiots currently being presented for our selection. It won't make a difference which we get. If you think it does I have some waterfront property in the desert for sale.

Our next administration will continue to tax, spend, militarily invade or occupy and destroy other countries, shred the Constitution and our Bill of Rights (remember when we had free speech?), poison our air food and water, erase our borders, flood our nation with illegal alien invaders, crank up the printing presses even more and destroy the final 1% of the Dollar' s value left from our original 1913 Dollar before they replace it with the Amero.

I could go on and on but will spare you the ordeal for now.

America and the world is being taken down the sewer by a few thousand really evi and conniving individuals. It is not a accident.

You will ultimately either serve your masters or resist them. But you will not escape their grasp. One way or the other, you will have to choose.

Thank you for your continued support, without it I could not continue to flood your mail boxes with these messages of doom and gloom. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it will take every one of us with the courage and knowledge to reach that light for the whole country's benefit. Please don't sit in your chair in front of the computer sending out emails which are simply deleted, marching and chanting in front of Buildings that have no ears or concern for your voice. Please get out of your comfort zone and take steps to get events going that will make a dent in these evil leaders power. It is up to each and every one of us, we cannot depend on someone else, it has to be us. Our courage is the only solution.

Stay independant from the hand of Big Brother.

Go to http://www.rwefree.com and look at some of the information on that site.

Join us in our quest to prosecute some of the more blatant corrupt congressmen and senators



The future of this country is strictly up to us.

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