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10-16-2008, 07:00 AM
We need your help to advance the cause of liberty. Anything you can spare would be helpful...


If you haven't already, please consider an honest investment in the future direction of our country. I encourage you to make a $25-$50 dollar donation to a congressional campaign fighting to spread an important message in a city we all know, Chicago, IL. Steve Miller, a regular citizen like you and me, is fighting for transparency in government spending, individual freedoms, and promoting constitutional liberties in an area of the country with more big government centered policies than anywhere.

Illinois and Chicago are well documented bastions of gun violence (more Americans die here from murder than do our troops in Iraq), dismal graduation rates, and crime ridden political machines. Help us fight to put a wrench in the machines gears by supporting a message of transparency in government spending, freedom, liberty, and a restoration of the constitutional principals our country was founded upon in the past.

Mr. Miller's campaigns policies are based on the constitution and are posted on his website www.millerforcongress2008.com. With your modest support the campaign will be able to reach the necessary 70,000 voters to swing the electorate and spread a quality message that resonates with many and unites voters of all political affiliations.

The Steve Miler Campaign for Congress 2008 realizes times are tough. It is for this very reason there is no better way to invest your money than by contributing it to a fight for the restoration of our cherished constitutional democracy. Along with a strong team of liberty loving freedom fighters, local citizens have been working along side Mr. Miller and crafting the message of the campaign. His team can really use your help to reach our current financial goal right away. Again, with your modest donation the Miller for Congress campaign can reach out to well over 70,000 voters in the next weeks and days. The contribution link is called "chip-in" and is located on the home page, www.millerforcongress2008.com .

Steve Miller Campaign For Congress

Illinois and Chicago's Unfortunate Facts
1. Illinois ranks 5th in public corruption.
2. Illinois ranks 45th among states in Federal Taxes Paid vs. Fedral Dollars Received as of 2005.
3. The Chicago public school system only graduates 53% of it's students
4. Illinois is seventh as of 2006 in the country with a debt of $110 billion and quickly growing (now ranks number 2 @ $14K per person).
5. Chicago ranks number three of the highest rates of foreclosure in the country due to mortgage fraud.
6. Union city workers routinely make double what the private sector makes for the exact same job.
7. A recent investigation uncovered waste haulers loafing on the job over 2 hours of each day while getting paid ultra high union wages.
8. Half of all murders in Chicago related to gang violence.
9. Daley has been trying to take his regime national since 2000. The mayors brother was Al Gores campaign chairman. Its not a bad thing to support your brother, but the guy he currently supports was not the first one he tried to get in the white house.
10. Chicago is a government of the government for the government by the government. The streets are littered with cameras that spy on citizens while the real plunder takes place in the back offices of city and county goverment. Why ever would a sitting alderman have more than 9 million in his campaign coffers? The role of Alderman is supposed to be a part time position.

So, do you really want the Chicago current leader Danny Davis (D), who has been in office for the past twelve years, to keep leading Illinois 7th congressional district? How much further in reverse can we go?

If you need hope, I recommend a church or a library, not an agent of the Chicago political machine. Vote, contribute, and volunteer to the Steve Miler for Congress 2008 campaign.

Please forward this message to 20 friends and ask them to do the same. The voice of Liberty needs your help.

1. If you can, donate like your liberty and freedom depends on it, it probably does.
2. Spread the message of govt. spending transparency, individual liberty, and freedom.
3. Go the the website, read the issues, and decide for yourself if you would like to participate in spreading the message. If so, contact the campaign directly and volunteer.

10-16-2008, 09:05 AM
Bump! I donated last night.

10-16-2008, 10:50 AM
Thank you so much for your generous donation! We will put it to great use.

Pack Runner for Paul
10-17-2008, 01:29 AM

Donated just now! I'm a poor-a** grad student, but I donated $25. I figure that I normally spend about $25 on beer every month, so I'm abstaining from Beer for 1 month from today to pay for the donation. I know that Miller has a slim chance, but it is about making inroads. Liberty is a great message! Best of luck with the campaign!

10-17-2008, 09:30 AM
Abstaining from beer for a month? Thats amazing...we really appreciate that. Know that your money will be spent well, and help to advance the cause of liberty. If you're in the area, consider coming out to one of our events. Check the website for details.