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10-15-2008, 09:09 AM
Help me out here. I feel such a sense of sinking for the GOP. Wow, but the scary thing, Obama gives me an even worse sense of sinking in my pit. I keep hoping against all hope that McCain comes to his senses and endorses Ron Paul's financial and economic platform and publicly gives Ron Paul a "shout out" apology for the entire way the GOP has acted and enlists Ron Paul in the solutions for the financial woes with a commitment for Head of Treasury. Also that McCain pulls troops out in victory as he says he will and do what he did with Vietnam and make peace. McCain should also say he made a mistake for the vote on the bailout, we tried it and it is failing and do everything in his power to reserve course.

Now for my hope for the democrats. As I have never believed in their government solutions and redistribution plans, I find myself saying I wish them well. I hope against all hope that the Blue Dog Democrats are able to stand tall against their new leader Obama and reform their own party. They shouldn't forgot their own corrupt guys Dodd, Frank and Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal!

If they achieve a super majority, they will have everything they ever dreamed. Connecticut is a prime example of that model. But Connecticut should also be an example of what not to have occur complete special interest rule, fraud and abuse in foster care, education, mental health care and University influences in research and development and legislative domination. Total destruction of liberty in the Constitution State, a unionized school, without creativity or the ability to opt out of destructive government programs. Children unaware what liberty is and how a simple bill is passed in their own government. Connecticut has been a Democrat Super Majority and should be considered as a example of things to come.

For the purpose we find ourselves together, I thank you for fighting the good fight. This election certainly comes down to one of the lesser evils, and that alone should scare us all. I will continue to be a Ron Paul Republican! I just had to share after reading the article below. I find myself cheering for the House to be in Republican hands so that Ron Paul will be in a strong position on committee, etc.


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Obama scares the shit out of me.

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This would be a good place for that "vote for nobody" pic that always seems to wind up in threads like this. ;)

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