View Full Version : Obama Tells America Bailout to buy Winter Coats

10-13-2008, 08:55 PM
I find it very disturbing to hear Obama hide behind and use the poor to push his plan for socialism. A coward uses the poor. Targeting the different financial earners from the free market against one another. Below a bit from his book. He feels now he is in a position to buy everyone new coats with taxpayers money. Americans are generous in every way and have long given freely to the poor in need and opportunity is vast to be whatever you want to be in America. He sells a false, and hatred message of warfare with each other.

Quote, and today on the campaign trail, a promise for coats. We will send you money to buy a coat or a computer.

"At Bloomingdale's, he would lead me past human mannequins who spritzed perfume into the air and watch my reaction as I checked over the eye-popping price tags on winter coats."