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10-11-2008, 11:30 AM
October 11th. 2008

This has been a horrible week for all of us, so much bad news over and over, up and down markets, loss of retirement funds it just seems never to stop.

The candidates continue to lie and confuse the public on their policy and stance on subjects which can mean life or death for our Country. Where will it stop? It won't until we the people really stand together and demand their prosecution for crimes which they have all committed from perjury to treason. Enforce the oaths of office they swear to when entering office.. Demand they live up to their words. Naw.. that won't happen as most of them have no clue what the truth is at this point and if they did tell the truth they would be indicting themselves over and over. These people will not cross their peers, they have too much to lose. It will be dependent on us to force them into obeying the Laws.

The solution? Vote them all out. Recall the ones that are able to be recalled. Some states allow it others do not. Do not vote for anyone that has been in office before. Simply start fresh. Think about runing for office yourself . Contact honest people you know and trust and encourage them to run for office. This mess can be cleaned up but not by calling your representives, petitions, rallys and parades.. It has to be real and hard hitting not just something that makes us all feel good and happy. I have heard people say " I am just one person what can I do?" well for a start talk to your family, your neighbors, form groups that can work together, you don't have to be in a big meeting, start small, grow and learn how to work with each other, No one will agree with everyone else, learn to listen, consider everyones opinion, then find a common ground project and make it grow. It only takes one person to file criminal charges against a congressman or senator ( note no capital letters in these titles they don't deserve the honor) go to your local magistrates office, the state attorney, the local prosecuting attorney and file criminal charges against the senator or congressman. You don't have to be an attorney, that is what the prosecutor is for. He has to prosecute the charges. Demand he does so. Isn't he elected???? Go to the Sheriff, he has a obligation to protect the people not the government. Demand he do so. Ask to see his signed Oath of Office.. If he hasn't signed one he is not the Sheriff. Same with Judges.. It is time to start demanding these officers of the courts follow the LAW before it is changed. Take a group of people to the offices with you for support, the more the better, show that you are serious and will not back down. Don't listen to all the problems your demands will cause, you don't care about their problems you care about having the Constitution followed to the letter of the LAW.

The American People have become a nation of users, we use the government for sustenance in a lot of cases, we expect help with our mortgages, our education, our food and medication. Where did our pride go? We have become beggars. Isn't it time to stand up and say NO..? No more of this welfare nation. We are all adults, we have children we are responsible for our own actions. We are responsible for feeding our own family, providing homes and education for them. Not the Government.

Can you remember the times when you had a fender bender and your insurance company paid for the repairs or you did yourself? Did it take a court case and a lawsuit? No just common sense and a sense of responsibility. Think about the tons of lawsuits over such stupid reasons and the settlements ( most of which actually goes to the attorneys) of enormous porportions that are so common today. We all are responsible for this type of actions, we sat back and laughed at the silliness of it all while our courts were taken over by shysters and con artists too lazy to work.

I am getting way off track ranting about everything today. We have to start somewhere and it has to be now. We are all getting tired, worn out and worn down which is exactly what has been planned. Somehow you have to gather your wits and start thinking for yourself and the welfare of not just your family but the Nation. I don't want to live under Facism or Governmental rules and regulations over every facet of my life. DO YOU ?

We are facing a lot of problems in the next year or so, we have to stay strong, we have to stay committed. I say WE as there are only a few of us that will actually continue to swim upstream. Just think of the Salmon, they swim upstream and fight all the way up, yes they do die in the end but so will all of us one day. None of us will live forever so lets make what life we have left in us something meaningful. Something that will last longer than we will. Lets give our Country back to our offspring in good condition.

Now for something we all need to do right now. Get your pantrys stocked, Food will be so necessary to be able to stay free. If you have not stored food you will be at the mercy of the government. You will be forced to beg for your existence. How degrading. Get to the stores now and buy in bulk. Make sure you have supplies for your family for at least a year. It won't mean money wasted as the things you buy today will cost double or triple in the coming months. Learn skills to provide food for your family, learn to can, dehydrate, grow your own food.

Stay independant from the hand of Big Brother.

Go to http://www.rwefree.com and look at some of the information on that site.

Join us in our quest to prosecute some of the more blatant corrupt congressmen and senators: http://www.freedomisnotdead.org/

If you believe we are doing a service please support our work. I cannot foot the bill myself alone. Thank you for your support in all of our events and work, I appreciate it more than you can imagine.


The future of this country is strictly up to us.

10-11-2008, 02:53 PM
I appreciate your passion! :) I don't know how this is going to play out, but it looks very bad right now. I always buy a week's worth of food when I go shopping, but I'll likely be buying more in weeks and months to come.

I wish only the best for all of your RPF'ers.